ENCE win Dreamhack Winter 2018 defeating Bravado in the Grand finals

ENCE secured the victory at Dreamhack Winter 2018 with a 2-0 win over Bravado Gaming in the Grand final. The Finnish roster has showcased a wide range of maps as well as some excellent shot-calling by AleksiB. Their efficient performance saw Allu taking the lead as he had a dominant +22 KDA in just two maps. The veteran AWPer was not afraid to push through certain areas of the map. As he racked up the kills, his confidence grew and he was able to land some really interesting shots for the team.

Eight competitors have been seated in DreamHack Winter. Most of these teams have strengths that should make for an exciting event. Yet some of them are at this stage virtually unknown, so there are plenty of possibilities for betting CSGO. Check the best esports betting sites to learn more about them.

For their part, Bravado had a very impressive performance in the tournament. The South African team displayed some excellent synergy and coordination. In addition to this, they also had glimpses of their individual performance. The team’s strength lies in their amazing skill level, however, it did fall flat when compared to that of ENCE.

Finnish team with a great CT half.

It is not always common to see Finns put up excellent CT sides. However, their defence was impregnable in this series as they racked up strong CT halves. On the second map they managed a CT half of 14-1, which was almost a clean wipe for Allu and co.

AleksiB did not disappoint us with the rifle either. The In-Game Leader is crucial for the team even on the scoreboard, always putting up big numbers. It is indeed rare to see an In-Game leader to put up such big numbers, but AleksiB has been extremely consistent.

Despite Inferno being Bravado’s map pick, ENCE ran away with a 9-0 start. It was only in the tenth round that Bravado was able to win a round, however, they fell in the very next round. This ensured that Bravado was unable to rack up any semblance of an economy.

The Dreamhack Winter 2018 Champions – ENCE

ENCE take home a prize money of $50,000 while Bravado goes home with $20,000. However, it was a great learning experience for the South African team. They were the surprise package of the tournament by far. We do hope to see this team in future tournaments and hopefully with much better results. For now, they need to work on their map pool, while ENCE looks set to continue its climb in CS: GO rankings.

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