Vireo.Pro replace Team Wild at the ESEA MDL Global LAN Finals.

Vireo.Pro replace Team Wild at the ESEA MDL Global LAN Finals.

Team Wild will be unable to attend the ESEA MDL Global LAN Finals. They were unable to secure their visas in time and ESEA has announced a replacement for the team already. The South American team qualified for the LAN Finals after winning ESEA Open Brazil where they defeated Team Rejected 2-0 in the Grand finals. The team includes some well-known players from the Brazilian scene such as Destinyy. He has been a part of teams such as Luminosity Gaming, KeyD stars and Immortals in the past. The team also qualified for Starseries i-League season 7 when they won GamesCom Brasilia. Right now, Team Wild is one of the best South American teams in Counter-Strike.

The news of their inability to participate crushed the hopes of many of their players. Participating in the ESEA MDL Global LAN Finals would have given the team experience of playing against top teams. It would be an invaluable learning curve for the players and a sign of their improvement in Counter-Strike. The players were visibly upset on hearing the news, but the situation is not in their hands.

Vireo.Pro will replace Team Wild at the LAN Finals.

ESEA announced Vireo.Pro as the replacement for Team Wild. The decision is shocking since Vireo.Pro is a North American squad. However, the other Grand finalist of the ESEA Open Brazil, Team Rejected were also unable to attend the LAN Finals. With the time constraint and the necessity to provide a quick replacement, ESEA went with Vireo.Pro.

ESEA MDL LAN Finals will take place from December 7-9th in Dallas. The tournament has a prize pool of $50,000 up for grabs.



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