G2 announce changes to their CSGO Roster, replace Smithzz and Ex6tenz

G2 announce changes to their CSGO Roster, replace Smithzz and Ex6tenz

G2 esports has made a massive change to its CS:GO roster. After allowing Ex6tenz enough time with the team, G2 has finally benched the In-Game Leader as well as Smithzz. The two players received a lot of criticism for the lack of performance on the scoreboard. What they did lack in their absolute skill, they brought with them in the form of tactics and is an excellent support player. Unfortunately for them, the roster did not have any good results at all. Carlos, G2 owner had already expressed his disappointment with the team’s lack of results in the past.

Joining G2’s CS:GO team will be Audric “JaCkz” Jug and Lucas “Lucky” Chastang from lower Tier CS:GO teams. Jackz is a 26-year-old upcoming CS:GO player who has made a name for himself in the local scene. He is exemplary in his performance and is well known for his skill. On the other hand, we see Lucky join the team from 3DMAX [ same as Jackz]. The player who often yields the AWP has shown us a lot of promise in the past few months.

The two players join G2 with a lot of skill and firepower. However, the team still requires them to gel with the experience of KennyS, Shox and Bodyy. With only Bodyy, playing a supporting play style on this roster, suddenly this team seems to be extremely strong.


Shox and Smithzz separate

For a change, Shox and Smithzz will not be playing together. For a very long time, Shox and Smithzz were always on the same team. Their friendship was the lore for French Counter-Strike. With G2, we had seen Smithzz take on the coaching role for the team. It was an attempt to form a very strong team with pure firepower. However, without adequate guidance, the team crumbled despite having some of the best skill in the game.