Astralis and Made In Brazil set up rematch for the ECS Season 6 Grand Finals

Astralis and Made In Brazil set up rematch for the ECS Season 6 Grand Finals

The ECS Season 6 LAN finals are down to its last two teams. Astralis and MiBr emerged victorious in their respective semifinals.

Astralis win 2-1 over NIP to reach the Grand finals

Astralis won their semifinals against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The series saw Astralis take control of the first map right from the get-go. While they lost the pistol round they had a quick rebound. With amazing frags by Dupreeh in the second pistol round and other members also chiming in Astralis was able to take control of the first map. For NIP, they also made crucial mistakes in their match. The team let go of important advantages in crucial rounds. It did cost them in the economy and ultimately the map. The second map did see NIP put forth a strong performance against Astralis. It was the map pick of NIP and they had a plan going into this game. Astralis’ Train, once renowned for their dominance is slowly slipping away from their grasp. They have lost multiple games on Train now and it does seem to have become a weakness for the team. Despite Dupreeh putting up big numbers on the pistol rounds yet again, NIP was able to survive the shock and win the map. Astralis won the map with a 16-7 scoreline. The third map, the decider was Inferno. This is a classic map between the two teams, they have played innumerable times on this map as the decider. However, Astralis was the better team coming into this match. They had the synergy and their individual players stepped up during this match. Device and Dupreeh being as consistent as they are, Xyp9x also stepped up to provide the necessary firepower for the team.

Made in Brazil dominate North.

Made in Brazil has to be the surprise that everyone saw coming for this tournament. Featuring some of the best players in the world, it was only a matter of time before this team became dominant on the World stage. The first game was a whitewash for the Danish squad. Unable to get any type of inroads into Made in Brazil, North looked extremely clueless and without any idea of what to do. Train is not a bad map for North, however, they seemed outclassed by Fallen and YNK on this map. MiBr continued their dominant performance in the series on this map. The team looks in sync with each other and they are also performing really well on an individual level. The second map was a different story as North took hold of the game early on. They continued to assert their dominance on the map repeatedly and the map ended with a Cadian knife kill on Fallen. This map win was crucial for the team to regain its confidence on the map. They are a team which relies on individual player abilities and Inferno helped their players gain a lot of confidence against MiBr. However, as we head into the third map, Dust 2; it was the same story all over again as Map 1. The Brazilians [ and two North Americans] dominated the map due to their superior skill level. They were unstoppable on the map. Their resilience and superior aim meant that they were able to amass a massive 12-3 lead at the end of the first half.

MiBr and Astralis all set for a rematch.

The two finalists have already played a series in the event before. MiBr emerged victorious and now we will see the two teams compete once more. It will be interesting to see if Mibr can repeat their splendid performance against Astralis.

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