Kongdoo and Guangzhou Charge announce Roster; Hangzhou Spark arrives in Vancouver

Kongdoo and Guangzhou Charge announce Roster; Hangzhou Spark arrives in Vancouver

Korean Overwatch team Kongdoo has announced the addition of a new support player to their roster. Agatha joins the team as a support player. He will join Shine and Costos on the support role on the team. Kongdoo is one of the most well-known esports teams in South Korea. The team supplied the Overwatch League with many talented players for Season 1. Players like Birdring, Fissure have been on the Kongdoo roster in previous years.

With this the full Kongdoo roster is as follows:

  • Choisehwan
  • Mer1t
  • Selly
  • Clelstyn
  • True
  • Shine
  • Agatha

The team will play in the upcoming Contenders Season. Recently Blizzard changed the prize pool for the Overwatch Contenders Korea. The winners for the Contenders Season 3 will receive Virtual currency within the game.

Guangzhou Charge Roster reveal

One of the eight new teams for the Overwatch League, Guangzhou Charge has revealed their roster. Starting February 14th, 2019, we will see the Guangzhou Charge in action.

The new roster includes a majority of Korean players. With the familiarity of playing together and the lack of any language barrier, we can expect big things from this team. Guangzhou will feature the following players in their roster for the upcoming season:

  • OSP
  • Chara_RRRing
  • Wjddn
  • WonJaelee
  • Kongzzang
  • Nero
  • KYB
  • Only_Wish

With some well-known players like HOTBA and KYB on their team, this team has potential. They can definitely prove to be more skilled and have better results than some of the other teams in the Overwatch League.

Hangzhou Spark arrives in Vancouver

The Hangzhou Spark have arrived in Vancouver according to a tweet from their social media. With their pink logo, this team looks quite different from the other rosters in the League. They have their own fan following already, largely impressed by the quality and calibre of players on the team.


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