XL2 announces it’s Academy team

XL2 announces it’s Academy team

The Overwatch North American Contenders Season 3 is all set to start from the 27th of November 2018. It features twelve teams who will play in the North American Contenders. XL2 academy team has announced its roster for Season 3.

The XL2 Academy team managed a second place finish in Season 2 of NA Contenders. They lost to the Fusion Academy 0-4 in the finals. Since that achievement, the team has lost two of its star players to the parent team. Nanohana / Fl0wer and Nenne both moved to the New York Excelsior for Season 2 of the Overwatch League.

The XL2 Academy roster includes players like Mangachu, Logix, Tizi, Goliath and Woohyal. Many of these players were former Overwatch league players for Season 1. Logix was playing for the Florida Mayhem while Woohyal was on the London Spitfire. Their movement to the XL2 Academy team does not represent a downgrade in any sense. It is simply a new team for the players as they look to further their career.

Adam stays on the team as the Coach. 

When it was announced that Adam will no longer be a part of the XL2 Academy roster, it left many fans disappointed. The player has been a constant factor on the team and his absence from the team will definitely be a sore point. However, he is still involved in the roster as a coach.

His experience in player management will be crucial to the team’s development. With other Academy teams also putting forth strong rosters, it is important for the XL2 Academy team to get their synergy and coordination on point. Overwatch as a game depends more on team chemistry than individual performance. A team which is lesser in skill might prove to be the better team if they have better coordination than another roster.

For now, XL2 will be first seen starting from November 27th.