Jensen parts ways with Cloud9, joins Team Liquid

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In what is the biggest shakeup for the off-season, Cloud9 mid-laner Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen has parted ways with the North American organisation. The Cloud9 team reached the semifinals at Worlds 2018 before losing 3-0 to Fnatic. At one point in time, there was a section of the community which believed in Cloud9 making a miracle run to the finals.

Jensen was the player who impressed analysts and fans the most. His efficient mid-laning and the dominant way in which he would exert his advantage over the opponent mid was unnerving.

Jensen has a long history with Cloud9

Nicolaj has been with Cloud9 since 2015 and is one of the longest standing members on the team. His departure from the team definitely comes as a huge shakeup to the North American roster. Jensen will mostly replace Eugene “Pobelter” Park on Team Liquid. This might mean that Pobelter will move to the bench, although there has not been any official confirmation yet.

The addition of Jensen to the team definitely relieves a lot of pressure from Doublelift. Jensen has been one of the most consistent mid-lane players in the North American scene. Cloud9 also released a new video bidding farewell to Jensen.

For now, Team Liquid does look like the strongest team in NA LCS. With Jensen’s addition, it provides them with the necessary skill to become the best team in NA LCS Once again. They topped the table during the 2018 season after some really exciting games. However, with any new roster change, there is always a chance of a miscalculation. For Team Liquid it is important to build their synergy and coordination including Jensen. This will be the tougher part for both the roster as well as Nicolaj.