Gen.G Esports part ways with majority of their League of Legends roster.

Gen.G Esports part ways with majority of their League of Legends roster.

League of Legends team Gen.G has let go of five of its players over the course of two days. While they announced the departure of Ambition and Crown yesterday; today they parted ways with CoreJJ, Haru and Mong.

We would like to express our greatest gratitude to Ambition, who has been actively leading the team as captain for the last three years, and Crown, who led the team to 2018 World Championship stage with his great efforts.

Gen.G Esports

Crown was one of the earliest members to join Gen.G. He helped the team rising from poor performances to the eventual 2017 World Champions. Gen.G’s performance at the Worlds 2017 event was one of the most dominant and satisfying runs in League of Legends.

Crown was one of the most skilled players on the team. However, he was benched as he saw a decline in his performance. He played only three games at the 2018 LCK Summer Split. Ambition was the team’s captain for much of the last three years. His experience was vital to the team’s progress through the years.

CoreJJ, Haru and Mong depart from Gen.G

Following yesterday’s announcement, Gen.G has also announced the parting of ways with CoreJJ, Haru and Mong. This announcement is also quite sudden, but not totally unexpected. Gen.G had a very poor performance at this year’s Worlds 2018. Their inability to move past the Group stage saw them draw a lot of flak from the community. With these changes, we expect the roster to take on a new form. Gen.G has not yet announced new members on their team, and we expect the same shortly.

Gen.G has been one of the biggest disappointments from Worlds 2017 to that in 2018. The team’s performance has seen a steep decline and this roster change is not a big surprise. For now, they only have two members on their roster. We will keep you updated with further news of their roster.