Evil Geniuses take down PSG.LGD and NIP to reach the Top 3

Evil Geniuses take down PSG.LGD and NIP to reach the Top 3

Evil Geniuses started the penultimate day at the Kuala Lumpur Major with a convincing 2-0 victory over PSG LGD. The former TI8 Grand finalists definitely do not look convincing so far in Season 2 of the Dota Pro Circuit.

The PSG LGD team does not look coordinated in their draft or their playstyle. The absence of their coach at this event is a big reason for their disappointing performance. Evil Genius had a very easy Game 1 where LGD messed up a lot of their combinations. They had the Enigma, Silencer and Centaur, however, their timing was almost always off. Evil Geniuses was able o take Game 1 with relative ease. PSG LGD did make a comeback in Game 2 where they had the much superior early and mid -game. However, they focussed heavily on one area of the map allowing Arteezy’s spectre to farm freely. Once he got his necessary items, it was an easy task for Evil Genius to take home the map and the series.

Evil Genius takes down NIP 2-1

The Second match of the day saw Evil Genius take on Peter Dager’s Ninjas in Pyjamas. The former EG player came into this series with the aim to get some revenge on his former teammates. However, what ensued was a very close and exciting series of games.

The first game saw NIP take the Morphling for themselves in response to Arteezy’s Terrorblade. The hero was given a lot of space and quickly racked up the levels and farm needed to dominate the game. NIP had great movement and together with Chen and Mind_Control’s Axe they had complete control over the map.

The second game saw Arteezy on the Terrorblade again. He focusses on ensuring a flash farm this time around and had a GPM of 866 at the end of the map. Arteezy’s Terrorblade sees an excellent usage of the entire Jungle allowing himself the safety and the space needed for free-farm. In the end, NIP did not have a viable answer for his hero and lost the map.

Game 3 progressed along similar lines. This time around, PPD took the Drow strategy, one which has repeatedly failed him in the tournament so far. However, there was a much even spread of the gold on the NIP team. Contrarily, EG had all their gold invested into the Terrorblade. At one point in the game, he had Double the Net worth to the next hero [ Storm Spirit]. Arteezy was simply too farmed for NIP to possibly take him down. In addition to this, they also had to deal with S4’s Brewmaster and his ultimate.

Peter Dager might rethink his Draw strategies for future tournaments. The hero has not worked so far at the Kuala Lumpur Major.


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