The Complexity Dota 2 roster loses three players

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Complexity Gaming’s Dota 2 roster is now down to just two players after EternalEnvy, Skem and Sneyking departed from the roster. The decision comes after a tumultuous recent past for the organisation. The most recent controversy affecting the team is Skem’s use of a racist word. The racist phrase which categorises the Chinese community is currently a hot and controversial topic of discussion amongst pros as well as the community.

However, even before this particular incident, the Skem was facing a lot of problems in securing a Canadian visa. His inability to be present in the Bootcamp before the start of the season definitely affected their performance. However, despite the lack of time together, the team still managed decent results in their official matches.

Eternal Envy and Sneyking request to part ways.

Complexity’s decision to let go of EternalEnvy and Sneyking was at the players’ request. Their vision for the future did not align with that of the organisation. Seeking to enable the players’ future in possibly other teams, Complexity has let them go. They will seek new opportunities elsewhere as we are sure that the players will want to be present at TI9.

The current DPC circuit has only 5 majors and 5 minors. Each Major also carries a much higher share of the DPC points for Season 2. As such teams which do not qualify or attend one Major still realistically have a chance to make it to The International 2019. This is the reason why we did not see teams like OG and Team Liquid at the Kuala Lumpur Major 2018.

Complexity bench Skem

Complexity player Skem was recently involved in a racial controversy. The player [ hopefully unknowingly ]  used racially sensitive words against an opponent. The uproar on social media by professional players, teams as well as organisations forced Valve to issue a public statement. At the same time, what angered the Chinese fans more was the coverup in which the organisation was involved.

One of the players in Skem’s match changed his name to Ching Chong after the incident became public. However, instead of straight up apologising for using the words, Complexity said that Skem was just referring to the player. Now the community found out that the player’s name during that particular match was something different. This coverup by the organisation definitely did not go down well with the community. It is a question on their integrity and their resolve in providing a clean playing environment.

Either way. Complexity is now just down to two members. We don’t know if they plan to add more members soon or release the existing roster. For now, EternalEnvy and SneyKing will be on the lookout for a new team.