RFRSH Entertainment sell off their Heroic CSGO team; fully compliant with WESA rules.

RFRSH Entertainment sell off their Heroic CSGO team; fully compliant with WESA rules.

Danish Entertainment company RFRSH Entertainment is no longer the owner of the Heroic Counter-Strike team. The Danish Counter-Strike team shares ownership with another Denmark based team, Astralis. Heroic’s current performance is nothing to write home about, however, they are one of the stronger teams in Denmark. Despite having multiple veteran players on their roster, Heroic has not had good performances of late.

They mostly finish in the Group stages or in rare occasions they qualify to the playoffs. RFRSH Entertainment’s decision to sell Heroic, however, is in no way influenced by their lack of performance. The RFRSH entertainment group is one of the big investors in Counter-Strike esports team. Their portfolio currently includes Astralis and the Blast Pro Series.

Astralis is the best team in the world and they are also the current FaceIT London Major 2018. They have a very unique style of play which revolves around eliminating their exposure due to their weaknesses. They are not the best team in the world when it comes to firepower, however, their strategic approach enables their full strength.

What’s next for Heroic?

For Heroic, this does not change much for now. They still have the same management, contracts and other terms as before. The only thing that will change is the upper ownership.

We see great opportunity in acquiring Heroic. The team has a tremendous potential, which we look forward to develop towards the goal of becoming the number one CS:GO team in the world, says Askered.

Heroic’s new Executive Director, Erik Askered.

Heroic will participate in the Toyota Bangkok Masters 2018 as well as the Dreamhack Winter tournament. With veterans like Friberg, MODDII and Aciilion on the team, this roster already has a lot of experience. However, they do lack firepower which is a crucial missing piece for the team.

In the subsequent months, we might see changes in the team management. For now, RFRSH Entertainment is fully compliant with the WESA rules. The two parties had reached an agreement in June 2017 when RFRSH agreed to let go of their multiple ownerships.

RFRSH has indicated that they also share the vision to invest in improvements for players, fans and the scene in general. We are very pleased that RFRSH has embraced the regulations and we look forward to continuing working with them to move the industry forward.

Ken Hershman, Executive Chairman and Commissioner, WESA.

The organisation was given an 18 month time period. With the period coming to an end very soon, RFRSH’s action comes just in time.


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