Cloud9 replaces Renegades at ECS Season 6 LAN Finals

The ECS Season 6 LAN finals start on the 22nd of November 2018. The event will see eight teams in participation competing against each other. ECS Season 6 LAN finals will take place at the Esports Stadium in Arlington. The Prize pool for the event is $660,000.

However, due to a clash in schedule Renegades has decided to pull out of the LAN event. Their schedule clashes with the Toyota Master Bangkok 2018. The Bangkok based event has a prize pool of $100,000. However, it is a more realistic opportunity for Renegades to earn some money. They are one of the favourite teams at the Toyota Master Bangkok 2018 event.

Replacing Renegades will be North American former Major winners, Cloud9. The team has not looked the strongest in their recent months. However, with the recent success and the upswing in their performances, one can hope that Cloud9 puts up a good show. They recently added two members from Fnatic. Golden and Flusha’s addition to the team definitely improves their firepower, synergy as well as strategy at the same time.

Cloud9 – A promising team without results. 

The Cloud9 roster comprises of Flusha, Golden, Rush, Autimatic and Kioshima. Recently Kioshima was just a stand-in for the team. However, after seeing their synergy and finding a comfort factor with the rest of the team.

Kioshima has been without a team for an elongated period of time. A player of his skill and calibre has been unfortunate in his efforts to find a new team.  With Cloud9, he hopes to form an International team. The team’s composition currently has two North American players, two Swedish players and Kioshima.

The overall structure of the team is quite good with support players as well as high-skilled individuals. With Flusha showing signs of life, we can expect the Cloud9 team to put up a strong challenge at Arlington.


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