Gladiators Legion and the Mayhem Academy announce their Contenders Roster.

Gladiators Legion and the Mayhem Academy announce their Contenders Roster.

Two teams have announced their rosters for the upcoming season of the Overwatch Contenders. Mayhem Academy and the Gladiators Legion made public announcements of their finalized roster.

Gladiators Legion Full Roster

The Gladiators Legion is affiliated to the Los Angeles Gladiators. Their Contenders Roster for Season 3 includes players such as Roolf, Panker etc. With this roster, they do look very promising. They have a steady mix of excellent DPS as well as tank players. These players do have some synergy having some experience together. However, the course of the Contenders Season will see them develop their chemistry and team coordination even further.

The core of the team remains the same. The Gladiators Legion finished 2nd in the Overwatch Contenders Season 3 Trials. They displayed some innovative strategies, but for the most part, they were always incomplete. With this roster announcement, it hopefully solves their inherent problems as a team.

The Gladiators Legion has also added an assistant coach to their lineup. Simon joins the team immediately and will work on the team’s overall development. He has a lot of experience coaching some really good teams including GOATS.

Mayhem Academy Contenders Roster

The Mayhem Academy also announced their full roster for Season 3. The new roster includes players such as FCTFCTN, Manneten, Shax. These players have been together previously on the same team. Manneten comes into the Contenders roster after spending Season 1 in the Overwatch league. While Florida Mayhem was not the best team in the League, Manneten did earn a name for himself as one of the better Roadhogs in the game.

TaleSpin might be moving to a Coaching position on Team Envy

Meanwhile, former professional player, Talespin will be moving to a coaching position on Team Envy according to TheRealLeakBoy. In addition to this, he also mentions certain possible additions to Team Envy for the upcoming season. They are yet to announce their complete roster. We expect a formal announcement very soon.


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