Pain Gaming and Alliance eliminated from the Kuala Lumpur Major.

Pain Gaming and Alliance eliminated from the Kuala Lumpur Major.

The Kuala Lumpur Major is currently underway with the lower bracket matches in progress. Each lower bracket Round 2 match is a Best of Three series. The team that loses the match faces elimination from the tournament. At the same time, the winner gets another chance to prove his worth in the tournament.

Pain Gaming is now out of the Kuala Lumpur Major.

Pain X lost both their matches in Group D and were unable to prove themselves in the Group Stage. However, they did manage to win over Tigers in the Lower Bracket Round 1. The series saw Pain X use a core Venomancer who was able to deal a lot of damage in the team fights. On the part of Tigers, they chose a lineup with a very heavy focus on ultimates. With heroes like Silencer, Magnus, Enigma, Tigers was unable to time their usage properly.

Pain X played against Vici Gaming today. The Best of Three series saw Vici Gaming win 2-0 over Pain X in sub-40 minute matches. The first game saw Vici Gaming use extremely tanky characters to sustain the initial pressure from Pain X. Vici Gaming only needed to survive the initial burst damage. After that, it was a simple case of the Chinese team diving forth to secure the lead. Despite having Mirana and Lina on their lineup, PainX was not always able to take down the Phoenix Supernova in team fights. This highlights the positioning and the performance of the Vici Gaming players.

The second game saw Pain x pick up the storm spirit. But Vici Gaming had a much better draft with heroes like Enigma, Monkey King and Batrider. The lockdown available on the Chinese squad was just too good. They had no control over the Vici Gaming roster which allowed free reign for Vici Gaming. This game was even easier for the Chinese Squad than Game 1. Overall, despite having a somewhat competitive draft, Pain X was outmatched by Vici Gaming.

Pain X should still be happy with their performance. They will look forward to adding a new coach very soon. This should help them provide better results in Dota 2 events.

Alliance bow out in the Lower Bracket

Former TI champions Alliance are no longer a contender at the Kuala Lumpur 2018 Dota 2 Major. The Swedish team lost 0-2 to TNC Predator who had a core Shadow Shaman. It is very rare to see Shadow Shaman used in a core role. However, once Shadow Shaman got his BKB, he was the reason TNC Predator could control, lockdown and eliminate Alliance’s Morphling. The multiple BKB strategy on all their cores ensured that Morphling was unable to escape. There were instances when Morphling could not be locked down and there was no real counter for the character.

TNC Predator kept their map vision and area control alive throughout the map. Their ability to ensure quick decisive dives on the Alliance lineup saw them emerge victorious in Game 1.

Game 2 saw Alliance being totally confused with the draft. Probably over-thinking TNC predators lanes, they ended up sending Ursa mid versus TA. Templar Assasin had a very free lane for the most part and was able to quickly farm up crucial items. Ursa had only supports for the company when it came to the networth. He never really became the big force that was needed off the hero to become a success in the lineup. It was a gamble, one that did not go in the favour of Alliance.

There are still two more Lower Bracket Matches remaining for the day in the Major. Fnatic takes on J.storm in one match while the other match will see Evil Genius and Forward Gaming compete for survival. You can catch all the action live on Twitch.

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