Team Liquid advance to the Grand finals as Faze Clan suffer a meltdown

Team Liquid advance to the Grand finals as Faze Clan suffer a meltdown

After the strong start to the day with Astralis mounting the comeback against Fnatic, we had yet another thrilling series. Faze Clan and Team Liquid battled it out in the second semi-finals.

Map 1: Inferno

The Faze Clan and Team Liquid series started out on Inferno. While it was Team liquid’s map pick, there is little doubt that Faze Clan is one of the best teams when it comes to Inferno. The International roster was able to win multiple rounds in a streak after Liquid took the early lead following the pistol round. The two teams exchanged rounds and firepower to have a relatively even 9-6 half. A 9-6 half on Inferno is as even as it can get, the two teams looked quite set at this point in time.

However, Team Liquid’s lack of a viable CT side was clearly visible in the second half. They were unable to halt Faze Clan’s confidence and their dominant T half. The lack of a good economy did not help matters either. They were simply unable to mount any comeback with the economy at their disposal. Despite the map being Team liquid’s map pick, Faze Clan won the map with comfort in the end.

Map 2: Mirage

Team liquid suffered a very embarrassing defeat on Inferno, their map pick. However, as we head into Mirage we saw an entirely different Team Liquid. The North American squad had no mistakes on Mirage as they won round after Round. Faze Clan looked extremely confused on this map as they were met with either Twistzz or Elige wherever they would go. Twitstzz also had a bit of a luck as he was able to hit multiple shots through the smoke.

Overall, Team Liquid’s dominance on the map seemed to be due to their leadership with Zews and Nitro definitely taking the lead in making the calls. We could see Zews micromanaging each player and explaining their role to the team. The overall performance of Team liquid looked extremely strong and they were able to win the map with a 16-1 scoreline. The only round that went Faze Clan’s way was due to some insane individual skill by Niko.

Map 3: Cache.

Going into Map 3, it was obvious that Faze Clan’s performance was severely impacted by the thrashing they received on Map 2. Cache has always been a strong map for Team Liquid, the open nature of the map allows them to be extremely flexible in their map movement.

Not always surprising, but this time it was Nitro topping the scoreboard for Team Liquid well into the first half. Their new found confidence as well Faze Clan’s lack of synergy on the retakes handed Team Liquid rounds that they should not win. It was not unusual for Faze Clan to throw away an advantage in terms of player numbers to lose the round. The score went to 8-1 very soon. They won the map eventually with a score of 16-4.

The North American squad quickly managed to reach the end of the map. The final score of the map was They were extremely dominant, however, it was also a case of Faze Clan not being as good as their usual self. With this loss, we might just see some changes coming to Faze Clan in the near future.

Team Liquid face off against Astralis in the Grand finals. With Astralis not looking as good as their former selves, we expect a very close series in the Grand finals.


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