Hobbit joins Hellraisers, replaces Bond1k; ENCE invited to Dreamhack Winter 2018.

Hobbit joins Hellraisers, replaces Bond1k; ENCE invited to Dreamhack Winter 2018.

Hellraisers have officially announced the addition of Abay “Hobbit” Khassenov to their CS: GO roster. Despite being a quarterfinalist at the FaceIT London major, Hellraisers has not really looked strong enough to compete against other top-tier rosters. This addition of Hobbit is sure to bring in more firepower to the roster which is already filled with the likes of Woxic, ISSAA and Deadfox.

Hellraisers decision to add Hobbit to their roster comes just days after the player was put on the open market by Gambit. Hobbit’s addition to Hellraisers opens up a lot of possibilities for the CIS team. They already have two excellent players in the form of Woxic and ISSAA. These two players have been able to make an impact on the International stage with their AWP and rifle repeatedly. Their ability to shut down an entire push taking advantage of small loopholes in the opponents’ playstyle is what propelled Hellraisers to the Major Playoffs.

Hobbit is a very valuable player, and he has proven that many times at huge global events. We’re glad that he’s joined us and we’re sure that Abay will bring a lot to the team, which will positively affect the quality of our play. I can’t wait for our guys’ official games.

A special thank you to Gambit for a speedy negotiation process.

Aleksey ‘xaoc’ Kucherov.

Hobbit was a force to reckon with during his time on Gambit.

Hellraisers to play with Hobbit in a few days.

Hellraisers will play with Hobbit first at the start of the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 8. Their first match is on November 13th and they hope to replicate a lot of their past success with this new addition. Hobbit himself has been exceptional in his individual performance on Gambit during the past two tournaments. The player’s performance has been nothing short of inspirational and there were even rumours that he might join Na’Vi at one point in time.

Vlad is an excellent player, but, unfortunately, we couldn’t use his potential to its fullest because of his role. Changing roles on the team would have created a mess, so that’s why we decided to make this decision. I’m sure that Bondik will strengthen any team he joins as he is a very experienced and motivated player with great personal skills.

It’s a shame that we weren’t able to realize all of his qualities on our team.

I wish him luck, knowing he’ll reach all of his goals.

Ivan ‘Johnta’ Shevtsov

We look forward to seeing Hobbit on Hellraisers soon.

ENCE to attend the Dreamhack Winter 2018.


Finnish CS: GO team, ENCE will be attending the Dreamhack Winter 2018 tournament. The event is a staple feature in the Dreamhack tournament circuit and has been a CS: GO Major in the past. ENCE is already a very strong presence in the Counter-Strike circuit. They recently won the Assembly GameExpo 2018 as well as the Starseries and I-league Season 6.

Dreamhack Winter 2018 attendees:

  • Complexity
  • G2
  • ENCE
  • Optic Gaming
  • X6tence
  • Bravado

There will be two more teams joining the tournament. The total prize pool for Dreamhack Winter 2018 is $100,000 and it will take place at the Elmia Convention Center from November 30 to December 2.

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