South Korea emerge victorious at the Overwatch World Cup once again.

South Korea has won the Overwatch World Cup for the third time in a row. The World Cup is an annual event held on the sidelines of Blizzcon. It is a showcase for Blizzard as they attempt to sell their upcoming season of the Overwatch League.

The Overwatch World Cup sees national teams compete against each other. Since 2016, South Korea has dominated the outcome and 2018 was no different. The national team saw multiple changes to its final roster days before the event. While the initial roster included members from New York Excelsior, the new roster had a more balanced spread of players. However, the sheer talent from South Korea means that even this roster was more than enough against the top national teams.

South Korea did not lose a single map at the event. Their first match was against Australia which they finished in three straight maps. Their semifinal match against the United Kingdom was probably the closest match for them. The UK managed to tie South Korea on two different maps. However, as South Korea won Rialto and Nepal, they proceeded to the finals. MikeyA was very impressive for Great Britain with his aggressive DPS playstyle. However, he was still lacking in comparison to South Korea’s Fleta.

Fleta’s precision with the Widowmaker along with multiple DPS heroes was just too much for other teams to handle. For South Korea, their best performance comes from their ability to play off each other. Regardless of their current team, the South Korean players have excellent communication skills. They have a deep understanding of the game and how it should proceed. Managing ultimates and positioning is what makes South Korea one of the stronger teams in the scene.

South Korea beat China 4-0 in the Grand finals.

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

South Korea and China represent two opposite ends for Season 1. South Korean players and teams such as London Spitfire and New York Excelsior dominated Season 1 of the OWL. Chinese players with only Shanghai Dragons as the Chinese representative went on to lose all their Season 1 matches. Their 0-40 score in Season 1 is a record amongst professional teams.

South Korea managed to easily win the first three maps [ Ilios, King’s Row and Temple of Anubis]. Team China did manage to put up a strong fight in the 4th map, Watchpoint: Gibraltar. However, South Korea managed to win this map in Overtime 4:3. Regardless of their loss, it is encouraging for Chinese fans to see their team in the Grand finals. Support player JJonak was the MVP for the Overwatch World Cup 2018.

After a disappointing Season 1, the Overwatch League will see the addition of multiple new Chinese teams. Overwatch League Season 2 starts in February 2019.

Canada is indeed considered by the major esports betting sites the second strongest team at the Overwatch World Cup. Although they finish 3rd and 2nd in the two previous events, they are among the few teams that have defeated South Korea on a map. Everything from the quarters and the stage for another epic final against the South Korean Giants should go ahead if they finish first and second in Group B.

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