Invictus Gaming win Worlds 2018, bring the Summoner’s Trophy to China.

China took home the Summoner’s Cup at Worlds 2018 after clean sweeping Fnatic in the Grand finals. The Worlds favourite, Fnatic simply seemed absent from the game as they competed in the Grand finals.

The esports betting sites pretty much predicted that Invictus Gaming would win Worlds 2018 after eliminating Fnatic.

Invictus Gaming was the second seed from LPL behind Royal Never Give up. Despite their strong showing at LPL, they were never really the favourites to win the Worlds 2018. Amidst all the drama and the upsets at the Worlds 2018, Invictus Gaming’s run has been somewhat under the radar. They started off the groups very strong with a 5-1 scoreline. The only other team that was similar to their performance was their Grand finals rival Fnatic. The team went on to defeat other ‘favourites’ such as KT Rolser as well as G2 [ at least in some opinions].

KT roster was the Korean hope at the Worlds playoffs and Invictus Gaming’s close series win against them was one of the most exciting matches. Invictus Gaming’s performance in the Grand Finals was totally dominant and quite unexpected.

The first time World’s Summoner’s Trophy comes to LPL.

This is the first time that the Chinese Mainland has won the Worlds. It is also a welcome change since 2014 that a new organisation has won the Worlds. For the past several years it has only been SK Telecom T1 or Samsung Galaxy who have won the Worlds. For Invictus Gaming top laner, Lee “Duke” Hoseong he creates history in being the first player to win the Worlds on two different teams. He previously was a part of the winning team SK Telecom T1 in 2016.

Throughout the Grand finals, Invictus Gaming had a set strategy. They would often pick up targets depending on the hero choices. The increasing pressure on a particular player meant that he could never be as effective in the mid-game as Fnatic would have liked.

For Invictus Gaming, this only cemented their performance and their belief in their playstyle. Invictus Gaming’s jungle player Ning had a fabulous performance on the Gragas during Game 2. The players’ lack of versatility early in the tournament was a matter of concern, however, his dominance in the Grand finals was a statement.

The Grand finals saw Fnatic always playing catchup. With Ning in such a dominant position on multiple games, Fnatic was always left pondering of Invictus positioning and gameplan. They would never be able to find the necessary team fights to start gaining an advantage in the mid-game. The LPL side was quick to exert its dominance in the mid game and squeeze the victory from Fnatic. With this victory, Invictus Gaming become the first Chinese side to win the Summoner’s Cup.


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