Riot Games announces details of the Worlds Championship for the next three years.

In a surprising departure from its usual announcement schedule, Riot Games has revealed details of the next three Worlds events. The next few years will see the Worlds spread out across the world. The reason stated for this announcement is to allow partners, teams as well as fans time to prepare for the events.

The next three Worlds Championships will take place as follows :

  • Worlds 2019: Europe
  • The Worlds 2020: China
  • Worlds 2021: North America.

Worlds 2019: Paris.

The Worlds 2019 is the next big Worlds event in League of Legends. Riot Games has already announced the city as well as the venue for next years Worlds. The 2019 event will take place in Paris. This will see the Worlds return to Europe after a gap of Four years. The last time we saw Worlds organised in Europe was in 2015 when four cities played host to the event.

Worlds 2019 will take place at the AccorHotels Arena. The venue was renovated a few years ago and provides an excellent choice for the esports title. Riot has also promised more news about the 2019 Worlds in early November. The announcement does seem to come after months of deliberations and planning. Riot already has multiple news to reveal in the upcoming weeks.

The 2020 and 2021 Worlds

The next two Worlds events will take place in China as well as North America. The early announcement essentially means that sponsors and partners have ample time to prepare. China will be a crucial market for Riot Games as they look forth to ensuring high growth as well. China has seen League of Legends as one of the most popular esport titles. The huge market is crucial in Riot’s plans to expand the reach of Riot Games. As we head into the next decade, China is going to emerge as a hotbed of competition as well as investment.

Following China will be the Worlds 2021 in North America. Arguably one of the most important Worlds events when it comes to securing further investment, the North American region is crucial. With recent reports of Tencent tightening the purse strings for League of Legends, Riot needs to provide big numbers on a consistent basis.

The long-term- planning is going to be instrumental in helping League of Legends grow rapidly. In addition to the Worlds events, Riot Games also plans on adding new countries to its Mid-Seasonal Invitational as well as the All-star event in the future.


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