Bose to sponsor Boston Uprising, Manneten joins Mayhem Academy.

Bose to sponsor Boston Uprising, Manneten joins Mayhem Academy.

Overwatch league founding member Boston Uprising has added Bose to its list of sponsors. The  Overwatch league Season 1 was a remarkable success exceeding expectations on multiple fronts. Following the success for Season 1, the Season 2 franchise prices multiplied two to three times. We have eight new teams joining the Overwatch League for Season 2.

However, each team is pursuing its own set of brand endorsements, sponsors and any sources of revenue on its own. Boston Uprising has partnered up with Bose as its sponsor for the Overwatch League. Esports is growing at a phenomenal pace and many brands feel that they will be left out if they do not get in early. As such as we are already witnessing several top brands enter the esports scene. We have the likes of Jack and Jones, Toyota, Microsoft etc already involved in esports. With Bose also sponsoring Boston Uprising, it definitely adds yet another name to the Overwatch League.

The revelation took place at the SBJ Octagon Sports Marketing Symposium. The symposium saw various personalities speak up about the young age group of fans involved in esports. The majority of esports fans are within the 18-34 year age bracket and the next big segment is even younger. With traditional sports numbers stagnating/dwindling, esports is already seen as a viable market right now.

Orgless and Hungry add FDGod.

Overwatch team Orgless and Hungry have announced the addition of FDGod to its roster. The acclaimed Lucio player brings with him a lot of experience and some amazing individual skill. The 17-year-old player has reached the Number 1 rank in European Ladder.

He will play for the team at the Angry Cup next.

Mayhem Academy adds Manneten.

Mayhem Academy has announced the addition of Manneten to their roster. The tank player is well known for his off tank roles such a Roadhog and Zarya. His Roadhog hooks are extremely efficient and provide a very big advantage for his team.

He will be joining the Mayhem Academy and hopefully with a better performance can make his way back into OWL.