Team Secret are your ESL One Hamburg 2018 Champions.

Team Secret are your ESL One Hamburg 2018 Champions.

Team Secret are the winners of ESL One Hamburg 2018. The tournament was one of the first big tournaments in Dota 2 for the new season. However, it was not a part of the regular Dota Pro Circuit 2018-19 yet it saw multiple top-tier teams in attendance.

The first match of the day saw Team Secret playoff against Virtus Pro. The CIS team was the best team in the previous DPC season without a doubt. However, they were not able to win the International and had a very poor performance. Virtus Pro picked up Broodmother as well during the series, but it did not have the desired effect for them. Team Secret simply had much better coordination and had an idea of their draft’s abilities. The team was able to dominate the early game as well as the mid-game. Unfortunately for Virtus Pro, Team Secret never allowed them the space to get back into the game. Team Secret was extremely potent with their performance.

Puppey’s drafts are usually very edgy and they can either work or backfire. But today, they seemed to be on point. During their match against Vici Gaming in the Grand finals, the meta was certainly quite different than the normal

Team Secret vs Vici Gaming

Almost all the games in the Grand finals had a meta of their own. The first game saw a very close contest between the two teams, however, Team Secret secured the advantage later. Vici Gaming responded in the next two games with a Support Weaver strategy. With With Weaver strategy working out for Vici Gaming for two games, they seemed to have Secret figured out. However, Team Secret won the final two games with conviction. The team’s synergy and coordination was plainly evident as we witnessed how they performed at the event.

Just like last year, Team Secret start off the new DPC season with a victory. However, they still need to perform well at the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Major. Right now, Dreamleague Season 10 is an ongoing tournament [ Dota 2 Minor ]. Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng. Was the MVP at ESL One Hamburg 2018. He was awarded a Mercedes to go along with the trophy.