Na’Vi is the first team to proceed to the Grand Finals at EPICENTER 2018.

Na’Vi is the first team to proceed to the Grand Finals at EPICENTER 2018.

Coming into the semifinals, not many people expected Avangar to put up such a strong performance against Natus Vincere. After thoroughly defeating Hellraisers in the quarterfinals, Avangar had already secured a few fans in the crowd.

The maps in this semifinal were:

  • Avangar picked Dust 2
  • Natus Vincere picked Train
  • The third map was Train

The first map Dust 2.

Avangar picked up Dust 2 as their map of choice. The choice was pretty simple since they wanted to play to their comfort and not a strategic map play against the likes of Zeus and Edward. The map started with a very dominant Na’Vi securing the first four rounds of the game. This was purely based on skill as well as superior weaponry by the CIS team.

Avangar had a very slow start to Dust 2, but once they started winning a few rounds, their synergy was evident. They were efficient in separating S1mple and using their positioning and map presence to start winning rounds. They were very good at the B split often confusing the Na’Vi players by throwing in an A split using B smokes.

There were multiple occasions when Avangar was able to win rounds despite being at a man disadvantage. This proves their superior tactics as well as strategy, their mid-round calls were really good.

The second half started with both teams securing three rounds each. However, as Na’Vi typically play, they won a force-buy round against Avangar. This was a huge loss to Avangar, who on their CT side was strapped for money. Eventually, Na’Vi won the map with a 16-11 scoreline.

Map 2: Train

The second map was Train, a staple Na’Vi map pick. The team has looked extremely dominant on this map almost similar to that of Astralis Nuke. However, Avangar is not really a weak team when it comes to their aim as well as strategy. They put up a very good fight against Na’Vi on Train on both sides of the map.

Avangar won the pistol round after a defuse securing a great start for the team. The two teams traded rounds with each other until Na’Vi started pulling off at the very end. They were able to get the slight advantage going into the second half. Despite S1mple going amazing with 32 frags on an individual level, Avangar was able to put forth an amazing performance.

The Avangar team was able to tie up the game at 11-11 when they once again lost to an eco round.The team needs to tidy up their anti-ecos which have possibly cost them a spot in the Grand Finals of the tournament. Despite this, we still did get to see James on an insane 1v3 situation. He moves across the map pulling off multiple 1v1s and winning them all. The tactical aspect of his gameplay was really a treat to watch.

With this win, Na’Vi moves forth to the Grand Finals. They will face off against the winner of Faze Clan and Team Liquid.