Toronto Defiant announce two new signings, Kongdoo Panthera reveal their team.

Toronto Defiant announce two new signings, Kongdoo Panthera reveal their team.

New Overwatch league Franchise for Season 2, Toronto Defiant has announced the addition of two players to its roster. In a short video announcing their induction to the team, Toronto Defiant definitely earned a lot of praise for the video quality.

The two new players joining the team are Kang-Jae ‘Envy’ Lee and Se-Hyeon ‘Fate’ Park. Envy joins the team from Meta Belloum while Neko comes to the roster from Boston Uprising. For Neko, this will be a bittersweet moment since there have been rumours of the potential price for the transfer. Neko’s transfer from Boston Uprising to Toronto Defiant apparently cost around $200,000. This is a huge price especially compared to the salaries of the players.

Despite having a supposedly bad time on Boston Uprising, the organisation big him farewell and wished him the best of luck.

For now, we still await more news of player transfers as well as new signings from the overwatch league teams. The overwatch League resumes in February 2019.

There were several allegations recently of Boston uprising President of Gaming, Chirs Loranger with poor management of the players. This includes separating the Koreans and non-Koreans within the roster. He also had a poor grasp of the game itself but was meddling in the regular workings of Crusty as the coach. Right now, according to reports, Boston Uprising is seeking a large amount of money to trade their players to other teams. This is proving to be an obstacle for the players wishing to move out of the team.

New Kongdoo Panthera roster reveal

Korean Overwatch team Kongdoo Panthera has revealed its new roster for the upcoming season. Kongdoo has been responsible for sending several members of the Season 1 winners in Overwatch League.

Kongdoo has seen several strong rosters in its past. The team has a great culture which has nurtured upcoming players. The management is always thinking about the players’ future and has helped them gain employment in good OWL teams.