Invictus Gaming dominate G2 at Worlds 2018 semifinals.

Invictus Gaming dominate G2 at Worlds 2018 semifinals.

Invictus Gaming was not the favourites to win the Worlds 2018. The team is one of the stronger teams in League of Legends, but despite their success, there was much apprehension of their final placement at Worlds 2018.

Despite having really talented individuals, Invictus Gaming saw gaps in their cohesion and team chemistry. After their loss to RNG before the Worlds, their chances at Worlds 2018 did not seem too strong.

Invictus Gaming outclassed G2 in several aspects of the game. Despite G2 putting a lot of pressure on the players’ mid lanes, IG was able to dominate the Top lane with considerable ease.  Kang ‘TheShy’ Seung-lok was at his best in the match and helped Invictus Gaming reach the Grand finals. Invictus Gaming was quick to utilise their only advantage on the top lane to secure the mid and late game. The team rallied around TheShy efficiently using him as their carry.


The remainder of the games were almost similar to the first game as TheShy was able to dominate the top lane with ease. His performance in this game has been crucial to how easily IG was able to win against G2 esports. For G2, their run at the Worlds 2018 comes to an end, but it was definitely a very promising one for the team.

They will face off against the winner of Cloud9 and Fnatic on November 3rd.

The Worlds 2018 has already seen several favourites so far. The likes of RNG and Gen.G losing out in the Group stage saw a chance for North America at Worlds 2018. With Cloud9 still in contention for a spot in the Grand finals, it might be history for North American League of Legends fans.