Faze Clan ease past the Ninjas in two maps.

Faze Clan suffered a tortuous loss to Natus Vincere in the Group stages. However, that meant they had to win an extra match in the quarterfinals. Their matchup against Ninjas in Pyjamas was not an open and shut case on paper. After all, there are so many cracks in the Faze Clan roster right now. With Niko at the helm of the roster, we are witnessing Faze Clan struggle on their T-sides.

The Maps in the quarterfinal were as follows:

  • NIP picked Overpass
  • Faze Clan picked Mirage.
  • The third map was Train.

Overpass – NIP’s map pick.

When it comes to a head to head matchup, NIP had always been at a disadvantage. After all, their map pool pales in comparison to Faze Clan. So it was imperative that NIP wins their map pick. The map started with NIP winning the pistol round, it was a great start for the Swedes. However, Faze Clan was quick to retaliate with a force-buy win. The changes to the economy definitely helped the Faze Clan.

The first few rounds saw both the teams trading rounds. Very soon the score was 4-5 in favour of NIP. However, Faze Clan managed to win five straight rounds to secure a commendable lead of 9-6 at halftime.

The second pistol round saw a B-rush by Faze Clan. While they did get almost all of the kills initially, F0rest stood at the back of the site and was just hitting headshots. His USP kills are some of the most memorable in this tournament. However, that was the only memorable moment for NIP as they continued to lose all of their CT rounds post this. Faze Clan won seven consecutive rounds to secure the Overpass map.

A video showing F0rest looking dejected as they got rolled over on their map pick perfectly depicts their emotions. As NIP moved into Map 2, it was always going to be a tough task for the team.

Karrigan’s Home Map – Mirage

Faze Clan has always been one of the best teams on Mirage. They are able to put forth amazing performances on the map with relative ease. It mostly comes from their periodic mid-dominance as well as their ability to push on certain sections of the map. It is not uncommon to see Karrigan push through the B apartments with an SMG in his hand. Not only does he get space, but he also secures valuable information for the team.

However, we have to remember that it was Niko who was leading the team. The team’s performance relies heavily on calls on this map. Faze won the pistol round and traded a couple of rounds with NIP. The two teams traded batches of rounds and the map was pretty even in terms of the final score at half-time.

However, unlike Overpass it was Faze Clan’s CT side which was extremely dominant in this map. NIP was simply unable to secure any advantage on their T side. Guardian definitely looked confident as he moved through the map often securing the first kill and falling back. The initial advantage was always a sore point for Ninjas in Pyjamas as they were unable to trade frags easily.

The final score on this map was 11-16, but Faze looked way more dominant than the final score sounds. Faze Clan will now move on and face off against Team Liquid in the semifinals.

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