NIP defeat Swole Patrol, secure a spot at EPICENTER Quarterfinals.

The EPICENTER 2018 is down to its third day and we are witnessing several teams being slowly eliminated from the tournament. After losing in a close series to Avangar earlier in the day, the Ninjas in Pyjamas managed to secure a Quarterfinal berth with a 2-0 win over Swole Patrol.

The maps for this match were as follows :

  • NIP pick Overpass.
  • Swole Patrol picks Nuke.
  • The Third map is Train.

The first map – Overpass

The first map of the series, Overpass seems to have become a staple NIP pick. The Ninjas constantly pick this map as they did with Avangar. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to have an impact on the CT side during the Avangar match. As we head into this match against Swole Patrol, NIP was heavily the favourites to win the match.

NIP started off strong on their T side, quickly taking the score to 6-1. F0rest was definitely on a roll and he ended the map with a 113.5 ADR. With a KD of +14, F0rest was the biggest difference between the two teams. For fans, it was truly inspirational to see classic F0rest in his playstyle. The NIP roster never looked back and was always learning of Swole Patrol’s playstyle throughout the map. Their performance reflected this as they would often take a passive stance and wait for Swole patrol to come to them. It would result in a significant advantage for NIP in almost every round.

There were instances when Swole Patrol’s aggression would go unnoticed, but NIP quickly recovered from the same. The team had very good lurks and Get_RIght would often be the difference. There were rounds when Get_RIght drew the entire Swole Patrol team to the B Bombsite on his own. He would leave the entire A bombsite free for his teammates to plant the bomb and take defensive positions.

On the CT side, NIP won all but one rounds. Their dominance on the CT side was characterized by their confidence from their excessive T side. The Ninjas looked in form during this match, a far cry from their performance against Avangar.

Map Two – Nuke

Swole Patrol’s map choice seems to reflect their limited map pool. They constantly pick this map even against teams most comfortable on this. NIP has always been a really strong team and they did not bat an eyelid. Regardless of this, Swole Patrol did manage a very good performance on this map, taking it all the way to thirty rounds.

The start of Nuke was very similar to that of Overpass with NIP dominating the first few rounds. Very soon, they cruised to a 7-2 scoreline which was necessary as we will see in the latter rounds. However, once Swole Patrol managed to string a few rounds together, the NIP economy took a turn for the worse. With lack of adequate weapons and grenades, the NIP roster was always left scrambling for control and vision across the map. The half closed out at a very respectable 7-8 for Swole Patrol.

When Betway esports led Ninjas in Pyjamas won the second pistol round, it also guaranteed them the second round. With the new economic changes, Swole Patrol was able to buy into the third round and win. They managed to ensure good performances over the next few rounds. However, NIP was on the Terrorist side and they had the economic advantage. They were able to buy into the rounds and constantly chip away at the CT economy.

F0rest continued his good performance on this map as well with a +10 KDA. The team managed to secure crucial rounds which put them in prime position to take the map in the end.

The Ninjas were not extremely dominant in this series, but they still manage to secure a position in the quarterfinals. They will face off against the loser of Na’Vi and Faze Clan.

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