TSM announce addition of Tony ‘Zikzlol’ Gray as their League of Legends Coach.

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Team Solo Mid has announced the addition of Zikz to their League of Legends team as a coach. Tony ‘Zikzlol’ Gray has been a part of the NA LCS for several years. His role in shaping the young teams and developing talent has been crucial for the scene’s success in the past.

Zikz is joining us after a long tenure on CLG, during which he witnessed many of the biggest events in North American LCS history. He has overseen rosters with star players and rookies and played part in some of the region’s most memorable victories (both domestic and international). His many years in the LCS has proven an extremely deep strategic understanding of League of Legends, and we’re extremely fortunate to have someone with such an extensive resume on board! We hope our fans are excited about this, and with for all of you to join us in welcoming him to the team!

Official TSM Press Release.

Zikz was notable for his time on Counter Logic Gaming when he was able to help the team reach the NA LCS Finals. The team’s success was shortlived as roster changes meant that they could not keep up the same level of performance. He helped CLG win two NA LCS titles. CLG also reached the Grand finals of the Mid-Season Invitational finals in 2016.

Zikz will replace SSong on the TSM team. Kim ‘SSong; Sang Soo parted ways with TSM was unable to find a place in Worlds 2018 for the first time ever. It is still unsure if TSM aims to keep the same roster for the upcoming season. However, we might just see multiple changes to its roster after TSM’s failure to secure a position at Worlds 2018.