Tencent Games announces details for Arena of Valor Championships 2018.

Tencent has announced more details about Arena of Valor 2018. The mobile-based game has seen increased adoption across the world with teams from multiple regions. The 2018 Championship will feature a cash prize of |$600,000 as well as competitors from 16 different clubs. The teams will compete in various regional tournaments and progress towards the semifinals.

The tournament’s grand finals will take place in Thailand from November 23rd till December 16th. Vietnam will have three representatives at the event via its regional tournament Arena of Glory.

Thailand is… home to some of the most active and passionate Arena of Valor fans in the world. This event is the marquee opportunity to capture that fandom and project it out to a global audience.

Ramon Hermann. Tencent Games.

Arena of Valor was launched in 2016 after Tencent wanted to replicate League of Legends on a mobile platform. Tencent is aiming to push forth a thriving mobile esports scene. This year, the Arena of Valor Championships will also feature participants from India. The country is one of the fastest-growing markets when it comes to mobile gaming.

As much as 89% of all game revenues in India were generated by mobile esports games. These gamers are highly engaged; almost one-third play five days per week or more, and nearly 40% spend more than six hours per week playing mobile games.

Rohit Sharma, founder of POKKT.

One participant for the tournament is already confirmed in the form of Tamago. The Singaporean team already has a spot confirmed after winning the Manila Cup in September 2018.

Tencent has global aspirations with Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor is seeing increasing participation across the globe. While it is still experiencing slow commercial growth in the North American region, it continues to see strong growth in other regions. Countries such as India are strong drivers of the game’s growth. It has also secured valuable partnerships with various companies such as AT&T and ESL in the North American region. Tencent Games also has partnerships in other regions.

For now, Tencent’s focus on mobile gaming seems to be paying off much better than its PC market. Mobile Gaming already has a reliable revenue stream due to higher volumes. It will be a few years until Tencent hopes to realise its dream of making their title dominant throughout the world. Capturing the North American market is essential to provide a significant boost to their sales.


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