The Worlds 2018 Quarterfinal match-ups revealed

The Worlds 2018 Quarterfinal match-ups revealed

The Group stage of Worlds 2018 has come to an end. The League of Legends event has been a roller coaster ride till now with several teams performing extremely well, while some of the heavyweights in contention see themselves in a very weak position.

Right after Fnatic won the tiebreaker and took the first seed, the Knockout Bracket draws commenced. Riot Games wasted no time in letting the viewers know the outcome of these draws and who their favourite teams will match-up against.

The Top seed teams from each group ( Afreeca Freecs, Royal Never Give up, KT Rolsters and Fnatic ) waited to find out their opponents for the Playoffs. The quarterfinals will start on 20th October with the first match between Afreeca Freecs and Cloud9. Cloud9 is the only North American organisation still remaining at the Worlds 2018.

Fnatic has proven themselves to be one of the strongest teams at the tournament. There were some doubts over their ability to win over Invictus Gaming, but the tiebreaker match put all such doubts to rest. At least for now, Fnatic is the better team and EDG will have a tough time against the Fnati roster.

Cloud9 has shown us several mistakes in their gameplay especially when it comes to their pacing of the game. Their match against Afreeca Freecs will be a tough one for the North American squad. However for them to reach the quarterfinals is already a success in a way for the North American organisation.

Invictus Gaming and KT Rolster is a match that should have been a Grand final matchup. However, due to their unfortunate seeding, the teams will play in the quarterfinals. This match is probably the most exciting match and the best calibre of League of Legends at the Worlds 2018. With one of the teams already out before the semifinals, this opens up the possibility of a surprise matchup towards the end of the tournament.

The Quarterfinal matchups are as follows :

  • KT Rolster vs. Invictus Gaming
  • RNG vs. G2 Esports
  • Cloud9 vs. Afreeca Freecs
  • Fnatic vs. EDG