Mousesports welcome Styko back on their active roster.

Mousesports welcome Styko back on their active roster.

Mousesports has announced the return of Styko to their active roster Styko has been with Mousesports since August 2017. With him on the roster, Mousesports was able to achieve deep placements in big tournaments with Styko on their roster. However, their inability to win tournaments was a sore point for the organisation.

When Snax parted ways with Virtus Pro, Mousesports was quick to snag up the player. He is a veteran in Counter-Strike despite being only 25 years of age. This decision looks good on paper, however, Mousesports did not have the same performance with Snax on their team. The new roster was never able to find the same level of synergy and coordination as they did have with Styko.

Meanwhile, Styko was loaned to Cloud9 in an attempt to help him find a new home. Neither Styko was able to find success on Cloud9 nor was Mouseports able to replicate their former success. The intention of adding Snax to the roster was to improve results, instead, it only helped deteriorate the Mouseports performance.


Their most recent victory at ESL One New York only helped delay the inevitable. Mousesports’ decision to welcome Styko back into the roster is a well-thought and necessary decision.

Mousesports Public Statement.

“I’m sorry to Janusz for this episode. Both parties were hoping for something different than the other had to offer so there was a clear mismatch in chemistry in game, which showed. I hope Snax can look back on the good times with friends where we won a trophy in New York against the odds. I think that is something to be proud of. Sadly, I think we both agree this cooperation will not work long term. Snax is a great player but we couldn’t get him to play in the way this team needs. I’m sure he will be an extremely valuable addition to another roster. We are very fortunate to have Martin as a sixth player, who we know will be eager to get started right away”

Chris de Jong

This statement by Chris de Jong shows that the Mousesports roster did try to make things work. There is a lot of potential with the roster, however, things did not work out as planned. This decision to replace Snax with Styko will hopefully make way for better results for Mousesports. The organisation recently withdrew from EPICENTER 2018.


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