KnoxXx retires as a player from Overwatch; Fusion University lets go of two players

KnoxXx retires as a player from Overwatch; Fusion University lets go of two players

The Overwatch Contenders Europe Season 2 winners Eagle Gaming had poor management which resulted in non-payment to their players. The players were also reportedly unable to pursue Overwatch League careers in Season 1 due to restrictions from the organisation. However, Eagle Gaming did not fulfil their obligations to the players either and are yet to pay the players months of salaries.

I go on the other side of the screen after exciting years with the international experience provided that allowed me to measure the potential of Esport in what it brings fraternity, joy in the competition and the effort. You know what I’m talking about! I just regret that my playing career ends on the failure of a French investor, Eagle Gaming, who has ruined the hopes of a team of talented players and motivated.

The Players also did not receive any part of their winnings from various tournaments which is a sore point for them. In a bid to be a part of the burgeoning esports industry, we see multiple instances of teams cheating players of their salaries and prize money.

The case for Eagle Gaming strengthens the need of a Players’ Union as well as a formal structure around the Tier two scene. In recent months, there have been multiple instances of players coming out with their versions of team mismanagement and lack of transparency in the Tier 2 scene.

You can read his entire statement here.

Fusion University release Zerg and RownPLB


The Philadelphia Fusion Academy roster has announced the release of two of its players. Zerg and RownPLB will be leaving the roster after being on the team for several months. Despite officially being on the team, these two players have not had much playtime on the roster. Their departure announcement does not come as a huge surprise to their fans.

There is no information about the future of these two players. For now, Fusion University will next be seen in the Overwatch Contenders Season 3.