We Have Org reveal new lineup, GOATS announce new coaches and analyst

We Have Org announce new lineup after the merge with Orgless and Hungry, GOATS bring on additional coaches and an analyst.

We Have Org reform

We Have Org have just revealed their new team lineup, following the merger with Orgless and Hungry which saw most of their players transfer or leave. The new roster includes eight new players, as well as a coach and a manager.

The lineup looks like this:

  • Midna – Tank
  • ShonP – Tank/Flex
  • Karra – Support
  • Kangakanga – Support
  • Daiya – Support
  • SpoXez – DPS
  • Zerggy – DPS
  • IDxD – DPS
  • TwolzZ – Coach
  • Will “JesterFarian” Gibson – Manager

TwolzZ was one of the last remaining members of WHO and he has been moved to the Coach position, while Will Gibson, co-owner of Elotick Esports, has been brought on to manage the team. IDxD and Karra were previously members of C8H11NO2, while Zerrgy and ShonP’s history is not yet clear. The other three players were acquired on 7 October prior to the merger with OaH. These players come from all over Europe, including Italy, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands, as well as Israel.

We will see the new We Have Org lineup compete in the Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3 Trials: EU, set to begin on 13 October. Their first match will be against HSL Esports.

GOATS employ more organization staff

Overwatch team GOATS have posted on Twitter regarding their new roster and the organization staff behind them. On 3 October, GOATS revealed their lineup for the upcoming Overwatch Contenders Season 3 Trials and today, they have announced that they are bringing on board two assistant coaches and an analyst.

Choco and THE are the latest addition to the team and will be joining ByZenith and Blizzardtsl, assistant coach and head coach, respectively. It is somewhat ironic that the team has almost as many coaches as players. Simon, on the other hand, will be the team’s analyst, providing critical feedback regarding their performance.