LoL Worlds Group Stage Day 1 Recap: Group C

The League of Legends World Championship is back today and the Group Stage is entering its first day. Some of the games have already been played out and we will be taking a look at Group C and how the teams in it performed.

KT Rolster vs Team Liquid

KT Rolster and Team Liquid had the honor of playing first in the Group Stage, following the break after the Play-In. This is the first time that we have seen them compete in this tournament and it was suitable for an opening match.

It began mostly static, with the odd champion kill coming in every now and then. The first 15 minutes were arguably dull, as both teams farmed and looked for an opening. Neither were willing to take any risks. The opportunity presented itself after the 15-minute mark for KT Rolster when they started a small skirmish, resulting in the death of two TL players. Additionally, this also led to the destruction of the first tower, while it would be traded by Liquid, KT had already gained some map control and they took advantage of this.

The next few minutes would see them take down two more towers and pick off several Liquid members. With a slowly rising gold lead, KT went for the Baron, killing it in the 23rd minute. From then on, it was pure aggression from the Korean team. Four of Liquid’s towers were destroyed in the oncoming push. KT took a small break, which they used to kill a Dragon and again pushed the attack. This time, the Koreans scored an Ace and Liquid’s Nexus was not far behind.

EDward Gaming vs MAD Team

Following their impressive run in the Play-In, EDward Gaming would again test their mettle against MAD Team in the second match in Group C. The game started off promising with first blood being had just before the 5-minute mark. It was followed up with several trades and both teams looked to be even. A push by EDG in the top lane saw the first tower fall down to be followed up with an attack on mid lane. This gave EDG extended map control and it allowed them to steer the game as they saw fit, in addition to gaining the gold lead.

The next few minutes were relatively peaceful, only featuring the odd player kill from both sides. In the 25th minute, MAD went on the offensive destroying the first tower of the match and 3 minutes later a team fight took place where both teams lost three players. The gold gap was practically non-existent and it could have been anyone’s game. A tower push by MAD would prove costly, costing them two players and it led to EDG going hard on the offensive.

The 36th minute marked the beginning of the end. EDG pushed hard into MAD territory, taking down three towers and picking up five champion kills along the way. With the damage already done, they decided to head back and kill Baron. With the buff active, EDG were determined to close the game. They pushed through bot lane and after killing four MAD members, the Chinese went straight for the enemy Nexus. The match concluded in the 41st minute.