LoL Worlds Group Stage Day 1 Recap: Group A

The World Championship has entered its second stage and whole new set of teams have come to the forefront. The Group Stage has begun and it is time to look at how the matches in Group A have progressed.

Phong Vu Buffalo vs Flash Wolves

The first game in Group A was between Phong Vu Buffalo and Flash Wolves and it was less than one would expect from a top-tier match. The matchup was entirely one-sided and it saw Flash Wolves completely dominate their opponent as soon as they picked the advantage.

The match started off quite passively, save for a few early kills that did not have significant consequences on the game. 12 minutes in saw both teams destroy a tower and PVB taking down a Rift Herald and a Dragon soon after. For the next five minutes, nothing really happened, until Flash Wolves started pushing into PVB’s mid lane, destroying a tower.

The first major team fight of the game happened at the Baron pit around 25 minutes in. In it, Flash Wolves decimated PVB, bringing down three of their members and securing the Baron kill. They followed that up with a hyper-aggressive push on bot lane, where they took down four towers in quick succession and the enemy Nexus afterwards. All in all, the game lasted for 27 minutes and during that PVB only managed to take down one Flash Wolves member.

Afreeca Freecs vs G2

The second game in Group A was no more exciting or eventful. The match started off with first blood in the third minute, where Spirit and Kiin took down G2’s Gragas, played by Jankos. For 15 minutes after that, nothing really happened. Both teams were just farming and playing quite passively.

The first major development of the game was in the 18th minute when G2 pushed top and destroyed a tower but it resulted in the loss of their bottom turret only a minute later. Five minutes later, G2 began an aggressive offensive on bot and mid, bringing down both lane’s towers and trading champion kills with Afreeca Freecs.

The next major push came 28 minutes in, when G2 again pushed bottom and destroyed the enemy inhibitor. This secured map control for their team and they had free roam of the place. With the freedom to do as they please, G2 killed the Baron and proceeded to attack mid lane making their way all the way to the inhibitor. In the ensuing team fight, AF lost three players and the remaining two were unable to stop the onslaught. The match ended 36 minutes in and with a 10k gold advantage for G2.

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