Quantum Bellator Fire dissolve CS:GO roster

Russian organization Quantum Bellator Fire will be temporarily closing down the CS:GO division.

Quantum Bellator Fire disband

It was just revealed on Russian social media website VKontakte that the organization Quantum Bellator will be temporarily shutting down the CS:GO team. The post reads:

Организация Quantum Bellator временно закрывает CSGO подразделение.
[The Quantum Bellator Organization temporarily closes down the CS:GO division]

The news comes from Alexey “OverDrive” Birukov’s personal VK page. This development comes as a surprise, considering that OverDrive announced yesterday (08 October) that three new players have been accepted as trial members, following the release of three full-time members the previous day (07 October). Yesterday, the lineup included:

  • spaze – In-Game Leader
  • FL1T
  • SP1NT – Trial
  • airscape – Trial
  • kReeDz – Trial
  • zoner – Coach

One could argue that QUantum Bellator has been having issues finding a stable lineup. Throughout 2018, the roster has shifted multiple times, starting from June, when all members were transferred to Winstrike Team. Since then twelve more players have come and gone, including the ones who are being let go today.

Poor results and bad performance

Quantum Bellator has had a rough time in 2018 in terms of performance. The team took part in multiple tournaments but with very little to show for it. Their highest accomplishment for this year was placing in the 5th – 8th brackets in the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 after being eliminated by Natus Vincere.

Other events have not gone as well as one might expect. The team did win the Saint-Petersburg IMPULSE CS:GO Championship tournament and achieved third place in the World Cyber Arena 2017 World Finals but other than that they have not yielded positive results.

Quantum Bellator mostly take part in Minor and Qualifier tournaments where they have had relative success in 2017 but the last few months have proven disastrous. The Thunderpick Invitational saw them placing 15th – 16th while the in QIWI Teamplay Season 2 – Closed Qualifier the seed was taken away from them by Windigo Academy. With such poor performance, it is no surprise that the team might wish to reform, though the measures taken might be considered drastic.