Orgless and Hungry merge lineup with We Have Org

Two Overwatch organizations have merged their rosters for Contenders Season 3.

Orgless and Hungry join with We Have Org

The two organizations revealed that they will be cherry picking their rosters to form the best possible lineup for the Overwatch Contenders Season 3 tournament.

The combined roster will be playing under the Orgless and Hungry banner and the team have already adjusted their active lineup and removed their surplus players. The current Orgless and Hungry roster looks like this:

  • Eppz – Support
  • lateks – Tank
  • Dannedd – DPS
  • Wayfast – DPS
  • eMIL – Flex
  • Jofi – Support
  • Kaas – Support

From the ex-We Have Org line, we have Dannedd, Wayfast, Jofi and Kaas. eMIL was a free agent after leaving Top Dogs in September. In the past, he has played with teams such as Red Reserve, Mosaic eSports, b0nkers and others. On the other hand, Eppz and lateks were already part of Orgless and Hungry before the merge. As part of the transfer, OaH will also be receiving DarkZero and Recent, former Head Coach and Assistant Coach of WHO, respectively.

To accommodate for the new additions, Orgless and Hungry have dropped Caspere, kevster, Leodeddz, Dennia, and Zekor from the team, as well as their former coach Zekor.

On the We Have Org side of things, members from the current Orgless and Hungry roster were supposed to be playing with WHO. However, with this recent development, those plans have been scrapped.

According to the tweet above, WHO are actively looking to reorganize their roster and are running trials. With this in mind, we expect more news in the coming days.

More on Orgless and Hungry

Orgless and Hungry are a stand-alone team that is not part of an organization, mainstream or otherwise. The team was established in 2017 by Eppz who has been the only long-term member, so far. Orgless and Hungry have taken in predominantly Swedish players, though they have had members from all over Europe. Orgless and Hungry are not the most prominent team but they are not without accomplishments. The team won the Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 1: Trials Europe and placed 5th – 8th in the Overwatch Contenders 2018 EU Season 1 and 2. Considering that they have only existed for less than a year, it is nothing to scoff at.