x-kom Team bench three players, Renegades’ coach returns

Polish x-kom Team introduce changes to the lineup, while Renegades reunite with kassad.

x-Kom Team moves three players to the inactive roster

x-kom Team, a Polish professional CS:GO organization, have just benched three of their players. Namely, Patitek, stark and In-Game Leader mynio are being moved to the inactive roster, following an announcement on Twitter.

Patitek and stark have been members of x-kom since June 2017, while mynio was only Captain for two and a half months.

X-kom are known for their participation in various EU Minor tournaments, generally staying away from the Major events. Throughout 2018 they have had a rough time. Their two notable accomplishments include a first place in Good Game League 2018 in June and a landing in the 7th – 8th brackets of the V4 Future Sports Festival – Budapest 2018. Every other tournament that they have won has been mostly irrelevant and the high-profile ones saw them place low in the rankings.

Hopefully, with the coming changes, x-kom might do better in the future.

kassad returns as coach for Renegades

Aleksandar ‘kassad’ Trifunovic has rejoined the Renegades ranks, taking up his previous position as coach. Kassad had been part of Renegades in the past. Notably, he first joined up with the team in January 2017 before leaving the organization in June 2018 to join Valiance.

His stay in Valiance was not very productive for the team. In the four months that he was their coach, Valiance failed to achieve anything noteworthy. Their best accomplishment was during the Esports Balkan League: Season 2 where they would be relegated to second place by Windigo Gaming. In fact, Valiance would fail every time that they would meet Windigo, most recently in the GG.Bet Shuffle Minor, placing 17th – 20th.

During kassad’s absence, Renegades brought in Ryu as a trial coach and while they did win the Asia Minor Championship – London 2018, the FACEIT Major 2018 was a disaster. Renegades were eliminated during the initial New Challengers Stage and ultimately placed 20th – 22nd in the ranking.

With kassad returning, Renegades are once again hopeful for the future and they seem to be happy to have their old coach back.