Team Vitality enters CSGO with a French roster led by NBK.

Team Vitality enters CSGO with a French roster led by NBK.

Team Vitality has officially announced its entry in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The news of Vitality’s entry in CS: GO was an open secret with multiple news reports suggesting the same. The organisation has picked up NBK’s CS: GO roster which was playing under the name ‘Waterboys’.

The team is currently playing in the Shuffle which grants a slot at IEM Chicago for the tournament winners. The current roster for Team Vitality is as follows:

  • NBK
  • Apex
  • RPK
  • Happy
  • Zywoo

The roster has a steady mixture of veteran French players as well as new young talent. A player like Zywoo joining the team is exceptional news for the French scene which has suffered from the lack of results in the past few years.

Despite having a fantastic player base, France has slowly slipped in terms of their performance. The French teams have systemically failed in their attempt to form a strong roster.

Team Vitality: A product of skilled players without a team

NBK speaks of his career in Counter-Strike and how his personal performance dwindled over the years. He saw the talent in the French region and the current roster was a no-brainer. With NBK leading the roster, it will be interesting to see how he matches up especially on a strategic point of view.

Happy’s return to the top level of Counter-Strike will also be a golden opportunity for the former EnVyUs IGL. Happy is the only French In-Game Leader to ever win a Major in CS: GO. With NBK on the leadership role in Team Vitality, Happy will have a heavy focus on improving his personal performance.

However, the player with several eyes on him will be Zywoo. Despite his young age, he has emerged as a very talented player from the region. Being able to compete against the likes of S1mple in FPL is definitely no minor feat. Under NBK, Happy and Apex’s guidance, Zywoo will be able to develop his character and skills.