Team Secret win the PVP Esports Championship after an exciting BO5 against Fnatic.

Team Secret win the PVP Esports Championship after an exciting BO5 against Fnatic.

The Grand finals between Fnatic and Team Secret was extremely exciting as viewers were witness to some exciting Dota 2. The series went the distance in the Best of Five and each match was exciting on its own. With this win, Team Secret took home the prize money of $80,000. Fnatic which came second in the tournament managed to take home $40,000 in prize money.

Fnatic started the series really strong and it was not a huge surprise. They were the favourites to win the Grand finals and we saw an even spread of good performances throughout the roster. The first game saw a battle of the draft between the two teams. While Fnatic got FaceLess Void to counter Secret’s Anti-Mage, Team Secret picked up the Willow to counter void in the mid-game. It worked to an extent, however, Fnatic changed their approach to the game after that. They did not initiate with Faceless Void anymore. Eventually, Fnatic was able to win the game with some excellent Chronosphere positioning by MP.

Nisha led the way for Team Secret in Game 2 and 3. He was exceptional with his positioning and movement creating the space necessary for Team Secret to win. Leading 2-1 in the Grand Finals, Team Secret had a chance to secure the win in the fourth Game. But a game involving Team Secret is never complete without a cheesy strat by Puppey. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

Nisha was given the Huskar by Puppey in Game 4 and he was hunted down consistently. Unable to put forth any sort of team fight and consistently being behind in the game, Team Secret had to contend in planning for Game 5.

MidOne comes alive in Game 5

Game 5 saw Fnatic pick up a different team composition when they decided to go with Visage for Abed. They also decided to go with Phoenix which was crucial in Fnatic’s Game 1 victory. The positioning by Jabz and his ability to draw attention to himself was unparalleled in Game 1. Team Secret made killing him a priority especially during his ultimate. While he often took the fall for the rest of the team, it also meant that he created space for the others on the roster.

In Game 5, however, MidOne’s Tiny was extremely aggressive and was able to dominate the pace for the game. He was all over the map securing the advantage for Team Secret and creating space for Nisha’s Medusa. In the late game, there was not much to counter a farmed Medusa and Fnatic had to admit defeat.

Despite this loss, both the teams would be pretty happy with their performances. The two teams showed a lot of promise and good drafts to end up in the Grand finals.

Not a DPC Event, but definitely good practice

Like last year, Team Secret seems to be off to a good start. However, they will need to maintain their form and consistency throughout the DPC Season.

The PVP Esports Championship was not a part of Valve’s DPC Circuit. However Team Secret will appear at the Kuala Lumpur Major, which is the first DPC Major for the 2018-19 season. The Kuala Lumpur Major starts on 9th of November 2018.