G2 part ways with NBK and Apex

G2 part ways with NBK and Apex

French team G2 has announced the parting of ways with two players, namely NBK and Apex from their roster. The decision comes especially as the announcement of the new French team is imminent. The new French team is currently playing under the name ‘Waterboys’. They are currently playing in the GG.Bet shuffle and have so far won all their matches in the Group stage.

The winner of GG.Bet Shuffle will receive a spot at IEM Chicago which will be held later this year. Waterboys is just a temporary name for the roster as they await the signing of contracts with a new organisation for the upcoming season. 

The current roster for Waterboys is as follows:

  • NBK
  • Happy
  • Apex
  • Zywoo
  • RPK

The team has a lot of potential with some really good firepower on the roster. They have a knack for force buying, something which has been a trademark for the French scene for quite some time. This will be Zywoo’s initial experience at Top level Counter-Strike. With veterans such as NBK, Happy and Apex on this roster it would be a valuable experience for the young player.

A lot of potential but disappointing results

Apex and NBK have been with G2 esports since early 2017. They were a part of a very promising roster, but they failed to live up to their hype. The current year, in particular, has been extremely poor for the team. The team made changes to their roster leaving the two players on the bench.

I truly wish the best to NBK- and apEX for the next part of their CS: GO journey. On a personal level, I love Nathan and Dan and I would have absolutely loved to have the opportunity to spend more time with them. They have been fantastic ambassadors for G2 Esports and the game. The decision to move them to the bench was not an easy one or a reflection of either player’s ability or character. Throughout their time at G2, they proved their ability and strength as players and professionals and I have no doubt they will continue to do so at their new home.

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez


The announcement for the new team is expected within the next ten days. The new French team is always good news, especially in the face of poor performances by G2 esports.