Riot Games announces All-Star match in December 2018

Riot Games announces All-Star match in December 2018

Riot Games has announced details of an All-star match to be played during the off-season. The World’s 2018 Group stage is scheduled to start in a few days. With the play-in knockout phase recently coming to an end we have G2 esports, Edward Gaming, Cloud9 and G-Rex qualifying for the Group stage.

In a statement, Riot Games admits to accepting Feedback from professional players and the talent. The lengthy off-season will not be without any action as the dates for the All-Star match are in December 2018.

Esports Arena, Las Vegas.

We listened to feedback from pros and fans, and this December we’re bringing back the All-Star Event in a new format with an emphasis on celebrating the things that fans love about League: the game, the competition, and the community. Get ready for All-Star 2018, an esports event experience like no other.

The All-star match will be held from December 6-8th at the Esports Arena in Las Vegas. The esports Arena, as the name suggests is well-equipped to handle esports events with a preferential setup along with good audience seats. Despite having the NA LCS Studios available for broadcast, the choice of this venue is interesting.

Choice of All-stars

There will be 64 All-stars attending the event in December. Riot has laid down the criteria for their selection process.

  • 2 pros from each competitive region, as voted by fans
  • 2-3 League Partners (streamers, prominent LoL community members, etc.) from each region, selected from the League Partner Program
  • 4 pro player “All-Star Invitees”, chosen by Riot after the conclusion of the fan vote

There will also be participants from all 14 of Riot Game’s competitive regions. The selection process for these participants will be as follows :

  • Fans will vote for two pros from their regional league to send to All-Star
  • Pros will eligible in the region which they played during the most recent competitive split
  • The Pool of eligible candidates will be limited to 20 of the most prominent pros from each region
  • At least one pro from each team and at least two pros of each role will be included in the pool of candidates
  • Fans may cast votes for other regions as well, however, foreign votes will be weighted to make up no more than 20% of the total vote within any given region
  • Top 2 vote-getters (regardless of team or role) in each region will be invited to participate in All-Star
  • Standings updates will be provided daily on LoL Esports social channels

Voting opens on 17th October 2018 for a week. Riot will host multiple smaller events during the three days in December. They include charity games, Alternate Game Modes as well as Mixed teams. It is definitely very exciting and Riot says it is their best All-star Game ever.