G2 and G-Rex qualify for the Group Stage at Worlds 2018

G2 and G-Rex qualify for the Group Stage at Worlds 2018

The final day of the play-in Stage saw some really exciting games across the two matches. They were not really the best calibre teams, but the close nature of these games made it extremely exciting for viewers. With the final day of the Play-in over, we can now wait for the Main event at the Worlds. Here’s a look at how the last two teams qualified to the Group Stage. G2 and G-Rex qualified for the Group Stage at the Worlds.

G2 vs Infinity esports.

Game 1.

The first game saw the two teams go back and forth in their gameplay. G2 had a very aggressive early game and rightfully exerted their dominance in the early phase. Taking the lead in the early game, infinity had to take initiative in order to progress to the late game. However as we moved past the mid game and into the late game phase, Infinity esports lineup became stronger and stronger. Their decision to constantly attack the bot lane did not allow G2 more space that would have been expected after the early game.  

Wunder – G2 Esports

Infinity’s performance in the late game teams hit a bump especially after they decided to dive the Tier 2 Turret. However the next team right saw an early pick on G2 top layer Wunder. Despite it being a 4v4, Infinity was quick to realise that they had the advantage in this fight. They decided to go for the Infernal Drake. G2’s decision to take the fight despite not having Wunder backfired and they lost the fight and ultimately the Game.

Game 2

The second Game saw G2 take full control of the game. They dictated the pace of the Game from Minute one constantly taking fights to Infinity esports. Throughout the first ten minutes, there were fights happening all over the map. G2 had a total vision of the mid and bot lane constantly advancing their lead throughout the match.

In game 1, Infinity had a lot of objectives. However, they were never allowed the space to do so in Game 2. They had almost no objective control or space in Game 2, quite different from that of Game 1. G2 looked a lot more convincing in Game 2 mostly helped by Jankos strong performance on Camille. He visited every single lane and was extremely proactive in Game 2. Infinity was never able to get ahead in the bot lane. In addition to their gameplan, we also witnessed really strong individual play by G2 when Wunder won the 1v2 as the rest of the team was taking the Baron.

Jankos – G2 Esports

They ended up taking the Game with ease and tie the series 1-1.


Game 3.

The third game saw a lot of pressure on G2 Perks. He was extremely underwhelming in this game and it was evident in his score..however luckily for G2, Wunder stepped up in a big way to carry G2 through the game.

G2 did win this game, but it was a very scrappy win, not one that would convince us of their performance.

Game 4


Despite the losses in Game 2&3, Infinity was not ready to lose yet. They had a very good draft for Game 4 with a heavy focus on Team fights. G2 did not have a great early game, often not being able to finish team fights. The gameplan for G2 in the mid to late game seemed to be to wait for an Infinity mistake.

A mistake did happen when Jankos was able to stun Renyu. G2 clamped down on Renyu, easily finishing him off before the start of the team fight. It ended up being an Ace for G2 esports. Infinity was quick to respond with a very quick Baron and a victorious team fight immediately after. They ended up taking the top and mid Turret and the inhibitor. However, Infinity did not stop there as they looked forth to diving the turret on the bot lane. It backfired heavily as G2 was not only able to shut down Infinity but actually kill everyone on the Infinity roster.

G2 esports emerged as the winners in the knockout phase of the Play-in Stage, Worlds 2018.

Meanwhile, the minions were pushing through the other two lanes and exposed the Nexus. So despite winning a team fight, G2 was not gaining any objectives.


Infinity was in a firm advantage with so many objectives. When they decided to take the Baron, relic was caught out alone and ended up doing. While infinity did take the Baron, it was 4v5 team fight and infinity esports lost their team fight.G2 pushed through to the Nexus and they won a team fight after a very miraculous comeback.


G-Rex vs SuperMassive. 

Game 1.

The first game started with a lot of expectations for G-Rex to win the match. However, the reality was quite different as SuperMassive were able to decimate the G-Rex lineup. SuperMassive had a good draft where they had an extra focus on the team fight. They learnt to lower the impact that G-Rex can have with the lane matchups.

Zeitnot was extremely strong for Supermassive in their win.

Snowflower had great movement to constantly help GBM in the mid lane.as we moved into the late game the SuperMassive ADC, Zeitnot was able to take over the game. He got a quadratic kill which was immediately followed by a Baron objective. Soon after SuperMassive was able to dive Tier 2 Turret almost reaching the inhibitor and take team fights. Zeitnot got a Penta kill in this team fight and there was simply no way back into the game for G-Rex by this time. Zeitnot ended up the game with a 12-0-1 score.

Game 2.

Candy – Infinity esports

G-Rex came with a plan not to allow as much space to Zeitnot in this game. They would constantly put pressure on the bot lane not allowing Zeitnot to be comfortable.

However, SuperMassive would always focus the G-Rex ADC, Stitch. Even if Stitch was in the backlines, SuperMassive would pile on multiple members on him and remove him at the start of the team fight. Gaining an advantage in the early to mid game, SuperMassive was quick to take forth the next objective in Turrets and Inhibitors. However, G-Rex struck back taking down multiple members of SuperMassive and then take the Baron.

Slowly climbing back into the team fight, GRex started to take control of the team fights and map vision. The game went back and forth and within minutes G-Rex went from being the defender to the aggressors. They ended up winning the game after a very close series of fights.

Game 3

The third game followed closely on the heels of Game 2. Both teams were constantly pushing back and forth and as a

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layman there was no telling which team was ahead. Whenever one team would win a team fight, the other would quickly respond with a strong team fight in the next fight.


Poor positioning from Zeitnot saw G-Rex take advantage of the same. They were able to punish the poor movement and positioning from Zeitnot and quickly took down turret, Inhibitor and Nexus.

Eventually, G-Rex did win the game but it was far from convincing and yet they still had another one game to go. The score for the series was 2-1 in favour of G-Rex.


Game 4

With Supermassive picking Lucian in Game 3, they decided to put their best player onto the champion once again. However, that only meant a huge advantage for G-rex who seemed to have figured out the Supermassive strategy by now. With good positioning and objectives in their back, G-rex was able to win team fight after team fight. They were constantly looking for engagements in atn attempt to take more control of the map. There would be times when they would force a team fight just by engaging the Baron.

Due to thier suprior team fighting abilities, G-rex was always able to make huge inorads into the SuperMassive backlines and creating havoc in the team fights. Constnatly engaging and providing the right amount of pressure, G-rex handled their lead extremely carefully. They focussed on objectives and despite some really messy plays, they were able to inch forwrad slowly.


G-Rex and G2 esports will move on to the Group stage where they will face off against much stronger teams. The play-in stage was very messy and yet, the teams do have time to prepare for much better opponents. The Group stage of the Worlds starts on 10th of October and all matches can be seen live on Riot Gaming’s Twitch and Youtube Channel.