Cloud9 and Edward Gaming advance to the 2018 Worlds Group Stage.

Cloud9 and Edward Gaming advance to the 2018 Worlds Group Stage.

Day 5 of the World’s Play-In Stage saw two Best of Five matches. The first match saw Cloud9 and Gambit play against each other in what was definitely a very haphazard and messy series of games. Cloud9 eventually won the series 3-2 but it was definitely not a convincing victory.

Cloud9 vs Gambit Esports.

Throughout the series, both teams were filled with mistakes after mistakes. The two teams were poor in their decision making and relied heavily on the opposition to make mistakes. Despite choosing a really good draft at times, neither team was able to take advantage of any space provided to them. Cloud9 is supposed to be a favourite going into the Group stage. While they have qualified for the World’s Group stage, their performance in the Play-in Round 2 was not something that will inspire confidence.

Gambit had a very poor understanding of the game and their strengths. Constantly taking unnecessary fights, Gambit ended up in disadvantageous situations quite often. One team saw the Gambit roster diving on Jensen, but it ended up being a victorious team fight for Cloud9. Gambit would often dive very deep chasing a kill and then would be unable to have a clean exit from the team fight.

Whenever Gambit won, it took them a lot of resources despite clearly having the better team composition. They were unable to close out easy games and while the series did go 2-2 to the fifth game, it was not truly due to a team’s ‘better performance’.

Cloud9’s future at the World’s.

Cloud9’s future at the Worlds does not look entirely convincing. While they did manage to get into the Group stage after a somewhat doubtful Play-In stage, the roster lacks synergy right now. Jensen, in particular, is still reminiscent of an earlier version where he would often be diving turrets in order to get a kill. But Cloud9 have changed their playstyle which does not revolve around enabling Jensen. It definitely points to a big difference of playstyle within the team.

We don’t expect Cloud9 to make it far in the Group stage especially after their performance in the Play-in Stage.

Edward Gaming vs DetonatioN FocusMe.

Coming into the Knockout phase of the Play-in stage, Edward Gaming was supposed to be the best team in contention. However, their performance during Round 1 was very sloppy. Despite this, Edward Gaming was definitely the big favourite to win this match.

The difference in the two teams was evident right from Game One when Edward Gaming took control of the match. They never let go of the pressure as they were able to win the match easily. The series ended in a quick 3-0 and Detonation never looked in control.

Detonation did try to do something different in each game. They tried to sneak in a Baron [ which was stolen by Clearlove], but their damage was not enough to take advantage of their positioning. In the second game, Detonation put additional focus on containing Edward Gaming’s Top lane, Ray. However, Ray’s exceptional skill ensured that he always got something out of these skirmishes. He was able to gain something off these ganks despite being in a severe disadvantage. Each gank only enabled him and made him stronger as he was pulling resources off the rest of the map and still coming out stronger.

The third game saw Scout’s Akali destroy Ceros Heimer in the mid-lane. However, Edward gaming kept inching forward with each minute taking down objectives and ensuring more advantage for the team. Despite Detonator’s loss, this experience has been a very good experience for the Japanese roster.

There are still two more matches to go in the Knockout phase of the Play-in Stage. For now, Cloud9 and Edward Gaming will proceed further to the Group stage at the World Championships 2018.