Alchemister and Imagine no longer working with Blizzard, Mayhem Academy add a new Coach

Alchemister and Imagine no longer working with Blizzard, Mayhem Academy add a new Coach

Overwatch League Observers Imagine and Alchemister will not be working with Blizzard for OWL season 2. With their contracts coming to an end, Blizzard has decided not to renew them for another year. This comes after months of several complaints regarding the poor observing in Overwatch League.

Overwatch is quite unique in the way it is visible to the viewer. Keeping track of the fast pace of the game and actually being able to witness several kills is often very difficult. The Observers were pretty bad in Stage 1, but as the season wore on; we saw gradual improvement by the team. Regardless, Blizzard’s decision to not renew their contracts is not really a big surprise.

The two observers, however, deserve credit for their work in helping Overwatch develop the viewing experience. Imagine credits Alchemister for helping develop the free-cam in Overwatch esports.

A surprise for the community, but this is not the end.

The announcement of their removal from the Overwatch League came as a big surprise to several casters and analysts within the League. There were many who resorted to social media to express their surprise. At the same time, Imagine also mentions more layoffs from the production team hinting that they are not the only employees whose contracts have not been renewed.

Overwatch League will feature eight new teams for Season 2. They were will be a total of 20 teams from various parts of the world. Both Alchemsiter and Imagine have lots of experience not only in Overwatch but also working with other companies on other esport titles. Between them, they have experience of working with companies like ESL, Eleague and MLG.

Mayhem Academy add Promise as their Head Coach

Mayhem Academy has announced the addition of Promise as their Head coach.  The team has finished in the 5-8th place in both the seasons of Overwatch Contenders. They aim to improve their standing with the addition of a new Coach to their team. While their individual skill level might not be the best in the world, they definitely need to work on improving their tactics against other Contender teams.