Virtus.Pro and Na’Vi invited to Maincast Autumn Brawl.

Virtus.Pro and Na’Vi invited to Maincast Autumn Brawl.

The first two invites to the Maincast Autumn Brawl have been revealed. Na’Vi and Virtus Pro, two of the most well known CIS dota 2 teams will be competing at the online event.

Maincast was formed by RuHub employees Vitalii “V1lat” Volochai and Andrey “x3m4eg”Grygoriev on July 26. The organisation would lay focus on both tournament coverage as well as organising new tournaments. This focus led them to announce the Maincast Autumn Brawl. The tournament is scheduled to start from October 6th. It will continue for a period of eight days ending on October 14th.

Tournament format

The tournament is an online invite-only event. There will be a total of 20 teams to compete for the total prize pool of $80,000. The winner will take home $50000 prize money while the remaining will be distributed amongst the remaining teams depending on their placement. This tournament has a heavy focus on winning as the lion’s share of the prize pool goes to the winner.

As there are twenty teams, the format for the tournament is slightly different from other events. There will be four teams which are directly invited to the Playoffs. The first two of these teams were announced today.

All the Group stage matches will be Best of One matches with the lower bracket elimination matches being BO3. The Playoffs will also be Best of three matchups. The Grand finals, however, will be a Best of Five affair.

Virtus Pro and Na’Vi invited to Maincast Autumn Brawl

The first two of the four playoff invites were revealed today in a Twitter post. Virtus Pro and Na’Vi will be playing the event and will have a chance to win $50000 for the first place.

We can expect two more teams to be announced in the next few hours. We will keep this article updated with further details of this tournament. All the matches will be streamed live on the Maincast Twitch Channel.