Ninjas in Pyjamas release whole roster, Giants Gaming part ways with Kubz

Ninjas in Pyjamas release the remained of their LoL roster, while Giants Gaming separate with their Head Coach.

Ninjas in Pyjamas release whole League of Legends roster

Swedish eSports organization, Ninjas in Pyjamas revealed yesterday that their entire League of Legends roster are now free agents.

The now ex-roster included:

  • Doxy – Top
  • Maxi – Jungle
  • Larsen – Mid
  • Raqo – Substitute/ Mid
  • XDSMILEY – AD Carry
  • Hiiva – Support

The manager Robin “Jed” Jedhammar and Head Coach Marcus “Blumigan” Blom have also been released.

The roster originally joined in July and played through the entirety of European Masters Summer 2018, in which they placed second behind MAD Lions.

The statement on the official website reads:

Robin, Max, Aleksi, Ludvig, Emil and Rafael; thank you. It has been a pleasure seeing you perform under the NiP banner and I hope our paths cross again.
Good luck to you.
Hicham Chahine

This is the second League of Legends team to come and go. The previous lineup stayed for the duration of European Masters Spring 2018, achieving 5 – 8th ranking. There is no word yet on a new potential roster and since NiP will not be attending the World Championship it is unlikely that it will be announced this year.

Giants Gaming part with Kubz

Kublai “Kubz” Barlas announced on Twitter yesterday that he is no longer part of Giant Gaming.

The Canadian player turned coach was the Head Coach for Giants Gaming from May 2018 until early October. Under his supervision, Giants Gaming were not able to bring in high-profile achievements. Their most notable accomplishment was placing 9th in the EU LCS 2018 Summer. This is a far cry from the EUCS 2017 Summer Season where they managed to come in at first place.

Kubz has coached multiple professional League of Legends during his tenure, including Fnatic, compLexity, and Cloud9. He is currently looking for new employment, as indicated by the tweet above.

The release of Kubz is not the only change that Giants Gaming have implemented in their organization in recent times. Mid-laner and substitute Kashtelan departed the team a few days ago, while Ruin (their active top-laner) left on 11 September.

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