Dota 2 Host and analyst, Nahaz has tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid dues

Dota 2 Host and analyst, Nahaz has tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid dues

Non-Payment of dues is a serious concern in esports. With the organic growth of esports over the past few decades, there have been multiple instances of agents and organisations scamming players of their dues. In the past, the amount owed to players was often in three digits and not something that one would bother legal action with.

However, esports is witnessing a massive investment boom. With huge viewership numbers, the extremely young audience and the mainstream integration of esports, it s fast becoming a viable investment opportunity.

Alan “Nahaz” Bester – Still owed tens of Thousands of dollars

Nahaz One of the most well-known analyst and statisticians in Dota 2. Formerly an economics professor, Alan “Nahaz” Bester started analyzing the numbers in Professional Dota 2 matches. His insight quickly gained traction and he was present on several premier tournaments as well as The International. He was also the coach for Complexity Gaming during The International 2016.

Nahaz stopped teaching his regular job at The University of Western Ontario before the 2017-18 season. His move to Dota 2 combined his passion for Esports [ Dota 2 in particular ] and economics. The viewers enjoyed his statistical analysis which was devoid of bias and any form of partiality.

A recent tweet by Paul Chaloner highlighted the issue of Non-payment by event organisers. Quoting the said tweet, Nahaz recalled dues owed to him by tournament organisers. These numbers run into five digit figures according to Nahaz. The fact that such a prominent and visible talent is owed so much money is truly astonishing.


The emergence of Law firms specialising in esports

With the growth of esports, we have had multiple law firms specialising in esports. They help in proving adequate legal cover to players, talent as well as team owners. Negotiating contracts, ensuring fair benefits to the players and advising them of their legal rights is commonplace in today’s esports scene.

With Franchised leagues such as Overwatch League and League of Legends taking the initiative in establishing player rights and benefits, legal experts specialising in esports are seeing increased demand.

Dota 2 needs a players’ union

The lack of any sort of union in Dota 2 is truly baffling. It is the only big esports title with no plans of any potential players’ union in the future. The Counter-Strike Global Offensive professional Players Association recently appointed Mads Oland as their CEO.

Keeping track of the people behind such dubious organisations and blacklisting them from esports is necessary for the growth of the scene. While non-payment of dues was overlooked in the past decade, it should not be tolerated anymore. Players and the talent personnel should come together to ensure accountability from tournament organisers and team owners.