The League of Legends Worlds Play-in Day 3 – Group B recap

The League of Legends Worlds Play-in Day 3 – Group B recap

The Play-in stage has come to an end with four teams eliminated from The League of Legends World Championship. Group B saw a turnaround in teams’ performances as G2 decided to take their game by the reins. Supermassive had to settle for the second seed in the Group after losing the tie-breaker to G2.

SuperMassive vs G2

The first match of Day 4 started with G2 facing SuperMassive for Group B. Taking revenge for their defeat a couple of Days ago, G2 changed their playstyle significantly when they faced SuperMassive eSports once again. Not willing to adopt a passive playstyle, G2 took the fight to SuperMassive.

Despite SuperMassive always taking the fight to G2, they were not able to excel in their ability to take objectives. Winning a fight would never result in any control for Supermassive which resulted in the team falling behind G2 over the course of time.

At one time, it did feel like SuperMassive would be able to take an advantage in the late game, especially with Cassiopeia and Caitlyn on their roster. However, G2’s objective taking ability gave them a huge advantage even in the late game. If SuperMassive could possibly have delayed the game slightly, they might have stood a chance, however, G2 knew their limits and pushed at just the right moment.

With this win, G2 took their revenge on Supermassive after what was one of the biggest upsets in the Play-in Stage Rond 1 when Supermassive defeated G2.

Ascension vs SuperMassive

This match-up was definitely quite messy as the two teams were constantly fighting against each other in the match. There was a lot of push and pull and SuperMassive had to work immensely to finally take the victory in the match.

Constantly looking for fights, the SuperMassive lineup saw a lot of action. They had a very tank heavy lineup and Ascension simply did not have enough damage to gain an upper hand. SuperMassive was able to win several team fights and establish a decent lead to take the match. Ascension had failed to defeat either G2 or Supermassive in the first half of Group B matches.

They did not too well in this match either as SuperMassive had a set plan coming into the match. The draft saw a big advantage for this team as they were able to play on their own terms and dictate the pace of the game.

G2 vs Ascension

Ascension did not have a single victory so far in their Play-in Stage. They were all but confirmed to be eliminated from the Worlds after a relatively poor showing by the team. Their match against G2 once again highlighted the focus on objectives for G2 Gaming. They had a poor start especially with the Ascension mid-laner gaining a decent advantage.

However, G2 had a very macro-focussed gameplay which resulted in the team securing a very big Gold advantage for themselves. Ascension was never able to take advantage of their individual skills in order to gain any traction in this match.

With this victory, G2 secured their Play-in berth for Round 2 but they still had one more match to go. The tie-breaker match would decide the Winner of Group B.

G2 vs SuperMassive [ Tie-Breaker]

G2 and Supermassive once again faced each other in the Tie-Breaker match. This match was extremely important for both teams since it has the potential to knock out either team from the Worlds. The winner of this match would be the first seed and would thus avoid teams like Edward Gaming and Cloud9 in the Play-in Round 2 matches.

Since the Play-in Round 2 matches are all elimination matches, the importance of this tie-breaker was massive. The game started with a heavy focus on the bot lane for G2 as they were able to control the tempo of the game.

Not one to give away objectives easily, we saw G2 defending their lanes as well as pushing through taking key objectives. Jankos and their mid-laner Perkz were extremely active all over the map constantly increasing the gap between the two teams. Taking down the Dragon, G2 cemented their lead over SuperMassive. When Wunder was able to take down FapFabulous in a 1v1 situation, things looked extremely dire for SuperMassive.

The SuperMassive team was never able to get any sort of foothold into this match. G2’s aggressive gameplay coupled with their focus on objectives left little room to manoeuvre for SuperMassive. While this was not a knockout match, it had the potential to provide a tough Play-in Round match for SuperMassive.

Play-In Round 2 matchups.

Round Two of the Play-in Matches will resume on October 5th. They will be Best of Five matchups and the losers will be eliminated from the Worlds. Each match brings with it amazing rivalry as well as the promise of exciting gameplay.

  1. Cloud9 vs Gambit
  2. Edward Gaming vs Detonation FocusMe
  3. G2 esports vs Infinity esports
  4. G-Rex vs SuperMassive esports

You can catch all the action live on Twitch and Youtube.