Odium disband completely

Following a series of bad losses and multiple players leaving the lineup, Odium have officially disbanded.

Odium are no more

Lil’s team has come to an end after only 32 days of existence. This development comes directly from the official Twitter account of Odium.

Though not the most eloquent of announcements, it signals that the newly formed team has reached its end. This is not entirely unforeseen for anyone who has followed the team. Established on 2 September 2018, Odium was formed by former-Virtus.pro and -NaVi player Lil. As one of the more experienced players in the Dota 2 scene, it was expected that his new team would quickly rise in the industry. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

In late September, it was announced that V-Tune and GeneRaL would be leaving the lineup after only a handful of matches and failing to qualify for the Kuala Lumpur Major. This was a significant blow for Odium and Lil was forced to find new players on the eve of another important event. Naive and Oxaien stepped up to fill the empty positions but ever their introduction could not help the team stay together.

On 1 October, Odium posted that Ghostik will also be departing the team. Yet still, Odium found a way to play despite this further loss. However, with more than half of the original lineup gone and positive results nowhere in sight, it looks like the remaining two members have decided to call it quits.

Odium show unsatisfactory results

For the month that the team existed, Odium played in at least five different events, failing to achieve anything in all four. Their latest loss comes at the hands of Team Spirit at the GG.Bet Invitational Season 1 tournament. Odium could not manage to get past the Group Stage, losing first to the new Ninjas in Pyjamas roster.

Previously, The Kuala Lumpur Major CIS Qualifier saw Odium achieve relative success in the Group Stage, but ultimately being eliminated by Espada in Round 2 of the Lower Bracket. Odium placed 5th – 6th in the rankings, just after Elements Pro and NaVi.

In regard to the team falling apart, Lil went on social media last week to comment that it was due to laziness, greed and bad teamwork. His former teammates have had nothing positive to say about the recent events either.