Complexity release their Call of Duty roster as Splyce adds Accuracy to their COD team.

Complexity release their Call of Duty roster as Splyce adds Accuracy to their COD team.

Complexity recently re-entered the Call of Duty scene in January 2018. However, the team has not been able to live up to its expectations over the last few months. The organization announced the departure of the remainder of their players.

The three players departing the team are Censor, Ricky, and Blazt. Complexity Call of Duty Team Manager Scott Ford explains that they attempted to complete the roster. Their search for two new players, however, did not make any sense to the team.

With this announcement, Complexity will lose their CWL Las Vegas pool play spot. The organisation had acquired this spot from era Eternity earlier this year. But the team has not had any good results finishing in Top 12 and Top 16 in separate tournaments.

The three players are now free agents and will hopefully be picked up by a team in the near future. Complexity will not exit the Call of Duty scene and will indeed be on the lookout for a new roster.

This doesn’t mean it’s the end for us. We’re keeping our eyes open for new opportunities, a new roster. We are very, very excited for Black Ops 4.

Scott Ford.

Call of Duty releases on October 7th and teams have until December 7th before CWL Las Vegas starts the competitive scene.

Splyce signs Accuracy to their COD roster.

Splyce has announced a new addition to their Call of Duty roster. Joining the Splyce roster would be Accuracy as Splyce attempt to make a world-class roster once more. The only player on the Splyce roster has been Jurd. His role on the team now seems to be heading to leading an International roster with Accuracy’s addition.

Splyce has been one of the top teams in Call of Duty. But their performance in WWII has lacked the dominance seen in previous editions. This resulted in the team letting go of several players in August 2018. They kept Jurd on the team and will build the roster around him.

Accuracy comes from Team Kaliber and has been crucial to their performance so far. Team Kaliber were very close to securing the world title in August. With the official release of Call of Duty coming up very soon, we will witness the start of the competitive scene very soon.


Splyce has revealed yet another player on their Call of Duty roster. Joining Jurd and Accuracy will be Loony.


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